We all crash and burn sometimes.

So I left university in December (Manchester Metropolitan if you’re interested…it’s shit don’t go there) and when I did so I arrived back home with the mindset that I would get things done before I start at a new university… Like learn how to drive for example – I did 30 lessons and stopped last January because I couldn’t make time because I was doing my sodding A levels- or maybe go traveling with all this spare time on my hands. You can probably guess that none of the things I wanted to get done didn’t, and I am 99.7% sure that they won’t get done in the next 3 months.

Having all these thoughts in my head about doing everything when I’m actually doing nothing makes me feel useless, and even when I want to go to the toilet and I’m in bed, I will refuse to go and I will hold it in for as long as humanly possible because…well…I’m not exactly sure why. I’m sure this a very relatable subject, there are endless blogs, tweets, statuses and Youtube videos about procrastination.. But nobody does anything about it?

Maybe it’s only me, but when I want to do something and don’t do it, even when there is nothing stopping me from doing it. I crash and burn. And when I say crash and burn, I mean sobbing in bed with my blinds shut, complaining about it on Twitter (@beffun_)

When you don’t do anything it makes you feel crap and when you feel like crap you don’t want to do anything. It’s an endless cycle of doing fuck all.

Oh and believe me, going on social media sites and looking to see what the more fortunate (rich) people in your school year are doing (gap yaaah) and you see pictures of them wrestling sharks and climbing mount Everest… it won’t make you feel any better.

If I were me, and I am. I’d close Facebook, get out of bed, put some make up on and do something with my life. But guess what? I’m sat at home, in bed with a onesie on, starting a blog. Ahh life. At least this is sort of productive.  Image BethanNicole


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