Dear Diary….Oh gosh kill me now.

Everyone has that draw in their bedroom. The one that contains everything that you just don’t want people to see (plus wires, old vcr tapes and old batteries) such as embarrassing photos, condoms and… The primary school diaries. Ok so this may mainly apply to girls but if you’re a dude keep reading because you may find this funny.


Now I’m not exactly sure why I still have these, they should have been burnt a long long time ago. The thing is, I tend to hold onto things encase I need them in the future; so if I ever want to refresh my memory on Freud, my A Level Psychology notes are always at hand! However from time to time doing this comes to bite me on my arse, like my boyfriend reading my childhood diaries for example (the cringe…ohhh the cringe).

So if you are a guy/gal and you read your girlfriend/friend’s old diary(s) then bare in mind that children are… a bit….psycho.

Dear diary. so far so good with _____ I mean he is the only one who I love *insert crappy love heart here*  

I obviously didn’t realise as a kid what I was writing, or that my friends were writing in their diaries. For example, as children we (or at least the girls that I was friends with) used the word “love” very openly. There were like 4 guys that I apparently “loved” in these diaries, which of course I didn’t (and I’m not going to share the pleasure of letting you know their names because of utter embarrassment and you might know who they are). I now actually have the pleasure of knowing what loving someone actually feels like…MAN THAT’S SOPPY! As soon as he laid his eyes on what was the horror or crushes and misspelling, I knew that this was future blackmail.

It was future blackmail too…now most of the people at work know about this and my best friend. Practically the whole world so why not make a blog post about it.

Today my anti trisha and my 2nd cusin and his dog fagain came fagen is a nice dog but he frightens Lizzie my cat.

As you can see from the photo I had three diaries during my childhood, the middle one I was 9, the one on the right I was 11 and the one on the left I’m not exactly sure (I’m guessing younger because there are more misspellings). Of course non of these were filled up, if you had a diary and actually filled it all up man you’re committed.


Now lets have a quick look at my misspellings:

  • Biscits
  • Musse
  • Photoes
  • Comick
  • Deask
  • Capetial

Spelling never has been my strong point. 

 I hope this has been as entertaining for you as it has been embarrassing for me.





4 thoughts on “Dear Diary….Oh gosh kill me now.

  1. I laughed all the way through!!!! 😊 my ex had one and she even had film of her messing around the house!, I think it’s great and funny to look back at something like this! Embarrassing at times but funny!

    I take my hat off to you for posting this 😎👍

    Great post!

    G.S 🌹 x


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