School wasn’t too bad…I guess

I learnt a lot from school and sixth form, from school I mainly wanted to fizzle into the background and just talk to my friends. But in sixth form I got quite…opinionated.

Bullying is a problem for certain people, it was for me when I was younger, but I just ignored it and got on with my life and it soon stopped. I’m way better off than them now anyway, success in life is sweeter revenge then trying to retaliate with words of physical violence.

But if you aren’t being bullied, you have good grades and friends…why complain about it?

I keep seeing teenager’s tweets complaining about how bad school is, especially on a Sunday night usually saying “as if I have to go to school tomorrow eugh :(” I must say, I fell into this category, but probably only during years 5-8 (year 4 and under seems to have been repressed out of my memory) as I grew up I realised that school was the only place where I’d see my friends every day, and who doesn’t want to see there friends every day? Looking back it was so fun.


Learning wouldn’t be learning if it wasn’t for your friends drawing pictures and writing notes that only you understand on your work.


Sixth form charity week was great as we got to dress up for 3 days based on a certain theme. This theme was Disney (as you can probably tell)


We got to go on great school trips, this one was the Lake District next to a tarn


This trip was to Iceland, the most expensive trip I’ve been on but it was the most fun ever. This was taken on a glacier

Sure you had to work and stuff but being taught at school is way better than being taught at university; where the lecturers don’t really care and you have to do EVERYTHING yourself.

So if you’re at school don’t say you hate it all the time, because you’ll miss it when it’s over. You’ll miss it when you’re on your unplanned gap year working for Pizza Hut. I sure do.





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