Children’s TV made me paranoid.

During the part of my life when I couldn’t wait to get home from school at catch the 4pm “Arthur” episode. It didn’t occur to me then that the structure of most children’s TV episodes are the same. Usually set in a school (familiar) setting and contains a main character, a few supporting characters and a bully.

I mentioned in this post I was bullied a little bit when I was younger, so I did whatever I could to blend in so that the  idiotic, lame children wouldn’t point out my faults. One if these “faults” of mine is my eyesight. I have astigmatism, amblyopia (lazy eye) in my left eye and a lack of pigmentation also in my left eye. Because I have an area of no pigment (it’s a half millimeter deformity at the back of my eye) I can’t have lazer eye surgery. Thus even if I magically could whip out an excessive amount of dosh, I still couldn’t get it fixed cause nothing can put pigmentation in your eye. I’ve worn glasses since I was 4 and used contact lenses for 3 years. As a child who wore glasses I was prone to being called “four eyes” and people made feeble attempts to knock them off my face. Now I’ve only just come to realise where this nature of bullying people who wear glasses has come from. Children’s TV.

Shows such as  The Tweenies, Arthur and Rugrats who had a bully character would use phrases like “four eyes”. I know that including a bully character helps educate children about how to handle bullies, but it also teaches the viewers how to pick on others. It would probably be more effective to not include a bully at all.

The constant thought of someone saying anything negative about my glasses constantly haunts me; I hate going out in them because it makes me so paranoid. Even though glasses suit me and I know that I look more hot in them than a loser (as some people have kindly pointed out). It’s amazing how much experiences in your childhood still influence your behaviour in adulthood.






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