Pizza, Pugs and #ForeverAlone

I’m presuming if you’re reading this that you have Twitter. The main outlet for quirky teenagers, who are actually pretty much all the same.

I have to stop myself from following people with no personal interests. Nowadays when young people see something that hasn’t really been done before, everyone seems to do it. One person off YouTube says they like pugs. Then all of a sudden daddys are buying their darling princesses snorting fat dogs, that look like they’ve had their face smashed in with a shovel…but yet even I cannot resist the temptation of these gormless looking creatures. Then before you know it Primark are selling pug cushions and doorstops.


I work for Pizza Hut, if people ask for a “joke in their box” i’ll give them the sad truth 😥

Pizza is something else all 15 year olds love and feel the need to post it in their Twitter bio. In addition to numerous Tweets that go along the lines of

Totes just ordered a Dominos all to myself, wish I had someone to share it with #ForeverAlone


Not only is it confusing that they say this and then complain about not having a thigh gap. It baffles me how people so young make a statement thinking that they will be single forever. Not only is desperation unattractive to the opposite sex, decreasing the chance of finding that special someone. I recently read Grace Cassidy’s post on this issue. Relationships are so publicised in the media that people feel like it’s the norm to have one, that without having a boy/girlfriend you’re missing out on something. But there is plenty of time for all that.


14 year olds crave someone for a made up holiday with no real meaning.

Maybe if they had their own interests and hobbies, rather than copying everyone else’s. Perhaps they wouldn’t be #ForeverAlone?.. #JustSaying.




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