Eyes down phones up.

You’ve seen that “Look up” video bout technology taking over our lives right? Well if not watch it and then and have a little read at my thoughts on it.

Technology has been a big part of our lives, or maybe all of your life if you’re younger than me. As humans we enjoy watching things develop and grow; such as a TV programme or your child (weird to compare I know). I don’t have a child but I’m pretty sure when they start blowing raspberrys and crawling it’s a pretty big deal right? This day and age, the development of technology is probably just as big of a deal for some people as it is for a parent watching their child blossom. Like Google’s self – driving car for example (below.) Or shit tonnes of rumored pictures of the new iPhone spreading across twitter (you know the ones. That look wayyy too good to be true).

Technology never fails to make its way into the news.

I do agree with what this guy says, it annoys me when I see children on an iPad alone instead of playing with their little buddies in the park, or even playing together on an interactive game. Parts of adulthood can be afforded to be missed out a little bit because of the latest gadgets, but not childhood. It’s far too precious to loose. And yes I also agree a bit that maybe friendships and relationships may be lost a little due to popular social media, but if people want to see others they will, I do, and I use the internet a lot. Plus technology makes relationships (I wouldn’t do this myself because I like to meet people in person…like the romantic tale of meeting my boyfriend by working at Pizza Hut…yeah ok maybe not) by people using apps like POF and Tinder. I have a few friends who have actually met their current boy/girlfriend by using these.

But I do find it ridiculous is that he says that we never see our friends, that we’re too busy looking at our phones. If we never saw our friends then who would we “check in” with? who would we tag in our photos? Without actually having friends social networking wouldn’t have “taken over our lives” as much as it has done.

Plus…errrgggh what angers me is. Why make a video about this (using top of the range cameras and editing software, taking up a lot of your time), upload to to YouTube and then proceed to tell people to share it. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical of this guy?

Not to mention how over the top it is. If I asked someone for directions, it wouldn’t develop is to some love story. He would simply tell me where to go and be done with it. We wouldn’t get married, have a kid and sell our laptop. DEFINITELY (most probably) NOT. Especially if you love in the most anti-social capital of the world (London).

Think of it like when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and people would say “DON’T USE IT! IT’LL MAKE YOU STAY AWAKE TOO LONG. NEVER GET MARRIED AND HAVE FRIENDS. YOU’LL DIE ALONE”. Ok I may be being a little over the top but you know what I’m getting at.

We just have to accept what the world is now, there’s no point trying to make the world the past when the only way we can head is the future.



One thought on “Eyes down phones up.

  1. Really good post! The so called ‘smart car’ has a long ways to go before they’ll let it out on the road. Frankly I hope it never gets there! 🙂


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