Home town comforts.

I was in Newcastle the past week with my boyfriend at his parent’s house. Being there I noticed a few home town comforts I missed, and it made me wonder that if I was ever to move out of Sheffield, whether these home comforts would simply disappear or would I develop new ones. It was nice however that he got to share his home comforts with me.

Here are a few examples of mine:

  1. Knowing the good areas and the dodgy ones in Sheffield.
  2. Having a good sense of direction (I’m like James May when I go somewhere else, I go to Plymouth like twice a year and I still have no clue where I’m going)).
  3. If I get a new job (if ever) I’ll probably know how to get to it without going on Google Maps.
  4. Being able to walk on my own at night fairly comfortably.
  5. Knowing all the good takeaway numbers.

I don’t really know why but it irritates me that not all cities have the same layout, if you did Geography at GCSE like me (Geography FTW!) then you’ll probably know the stereotypical city layout (Burgess Model, below): CBD -> Industry -> Low cost housing -> Middle class housing -> Expensive housing/ Rural area…exciting I know. Personally I think my home city abides these rules very well. But when I go into another city whether that is Manchester, Plymouth, London or Newcastle, I find it very hard gaining a sense of direction as I have to make up a new set of rules for travelling in this unfamiliar city.


We all have the comfort in knowing the dodgy areas in our home town but when we go to a different place we don’t know these places that are best to be avoided. When I moved to Manchester for university (I withdrew) me and my parents found ourselves driving through some dodgy places…turned out I was also living in a dodgy area (picture of my accommodation/prison below). Meaning I refused to walk to the shops on my own as I lived next to a busy street which inhabited loads of drugged-up tramps.This wasn’t the sole reason why I left...but that’s a whole other story all together.


I take comfort in knowing where I’m going – or more so – being with someone who knows where they’re going (hence why I’m going to university again in Sheffield).

I suppose there will probably come a time when I move out of Sheffield because I want to travel and get away for a bit. Because I’ll probably regret it if I don’t. Eugh I’m going to have to step out of my comfort zone, and that scares the shit out of me.



What did you think?

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