Great expectations.

Hot thick summer air surrounded by heavy foliage, a cathedral patterned with decorative window displays or crisp air flowing in between naked, barren trees.

We are all asked the question at some point in our lives “where would you go right now?”.

Well my friends, if I was to go anywhere right now it would be somewhere that I’ve never been before. Most people who have been asked this question usually say something that holds special memories for them, perhaps somewhere they visited a lot in childhood (mine would be Malta..I’ve been there 12 times, no thank you).

This question gets me thinking and to be honest I have no idea where I would like to go right now, I guess somewhere other than on my settee in my fluffy penguin jim jams scrolling through the internet…all I seem to do is scroll recently. A place that I’ve been thinking about wanting to travel to a lot recently is Australia, mainly because I want to try Tim Tams.


For as long as I can remember I’ve been terrified of deep water. You know when you switch the channel on TV and its David Attenborough narrating some footage from somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, and you feel like holding your breath? Yeah I physically cannot watch anything like that. However I do really want to visit the Great Barrier Reef. There is something about knowing that a place wont be there forever that makes me want to visit it. The twisted forests of coral, teeming with wildlife of all bright and dull colours and of all shapes and sizes, glistening as the hot afternoon sun bounces off their scales. Will not be there forever. It may all be gone in 5/10 years time.


There something about Australia’s wildlife that makes me eager to visit.. apart from the sodding bugs, they ruin it. Seriously if you live in Australia how do you cope with them? I was made to watch watched this YouTube video once, this guy had a stick and lifted this toilet seat up with it, then this massive spider jumped out from under it! IMAGINE IF THAT WAS YOUR BOTTY!

Swiftly moving back to the topic at hand. I would like to experience some of that sweet Aussie culture. What springs to my mind is sat on a piece of dried out drift wood, on cold, soft sand in the evening. Listening to the sweep of waves as the creep up and down the flat, moist shore. Laughing with my new Aussie friends or fellow travellers as we toast marshmallows on skinned twigs around a Barbie or a small fire…I’m not stereotypical at all.

Being realistic it would be me picking up every shoe and shaking it encase there was a black widow hiding inside….or checking my bed for huntsmen.



What did you think?

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