Three songs

Music is amazing. I’ve always wished I was more musical, but I am far too impatient to learn an instrument. It’s baffling how something that you listen to can make such a big impact on your mood and the atmosphere around you. Having anxiety, I find it beneficial to listen to music and it puts my mind at ease and distracts me from the real world.

Favourite songs however, are always hard for me to choose, its always depends on my mood. When I prefer to be uplifted I tend to listen to songs that are fairly upbeat, usually remixed crap top 40 songs to make them sound better…apart from Pitbull…you can never make him better. Or a bitta cheesy pop that I never admit that I listen to. My mind is always suited to songs that have amazing lyrics, perhaps it’s because I’ve always been fond of reading and writing. It’s amazing how putting string letters – symbols – together in a sequence of sentences, verses, stanzas or paragraphs, can make you feel emotion.

Baring in mind this is excluding all Disney songs. My first favourite song is Wonderwall by Oasis. It takes me back to my youth, not quite the 90s cause I was only born in 1995, Oasis one of the only bands that I used to listen to when I was younger that I can still stand listening to (along with Busted and McFly). I can no longer stand S Club 7 or Spice Girls *shiver*. I love the lyrics and the pace of this song, I find that it calms me without making me bored.

Coming in at second is Beth by Kiss. Ok ok this may be because the title is my name, but this song is AMAZING. It’s got a slow pace but its lyrics I can relate to, it’s beautiful. I like all Kiss songs anyway.

Year 3000 (Busted) is obviously got to be in my top 3, this never gets old. And seeing McBusted in May made me love this song all over again (I cried when I went to see them, yes I’m that lame). Some songs from your youth never get old, and I love that they bring together people from the same generation.

I’m probably going to hate these songs in the future, and who knows I might get obsessed with Pitbull (if I ever do, promise to hit me over the head)



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