Holiday excitement.

Holiday time is approaching. I’m going to Lindos in Rhodes with my boyfriend on Wednesday. I’m so exited! I love going somewhere new, but most of all, I’m excited to go on the plane.

Not that I have some kind of plane spotting fetish (no offence if you do)  but I like peering out of the window, and the bits that people usually hate; taking off and landing. The only thing I don’t like is when there’s turbulence, it was terrible when I went to Zante last year, literally thought I was going to die.


Tanning is something that just isn’t going to happen. I’m paler than pale, finding foundation is a pain in the arse, so if you have any recommendations please let me know. I don’t burn I just go red then back to white again, and my face looks like someone’s dusted pepper on my cheeks and forehead I go so freckly. As for sun protection I’ve gone a bit overboard, this is what is currently packed (baring in mind I’m only going for a week):

  1. Children’s waterproof factor 30 (Solait)
  2. Normal factor 30 (Solait)
  3. Factor 15 (Solait)
  4. Invisible dry touch factor 15 (Soltan)
  5. Scalp spray factor 15  (Malibu)
  6. Lip protection factor 30 (Soltan)
  7. Aftersun lotion (Solait)

Bit overboard I know but at the end of the day I don’t want skin cancer like my grandpa has.

Trip Advisor is an absolute GODSEND if you don’t look at tonnes of reviews before you book your hotel, find reviews of local restaurants  and sightseeing then wow. You live on the edge. I like to know exactly what to expect when it comes to my hotel to see if it’s worth my money. These are the reviews of the hotel where we’re staying, it looks pretty decent. However I never really expect anything special from Greek hotels as they are always basic but clean.

Can’t wait because we’re going over my 19th birthday, it’ll be the first time I’ve been away from home and my parents for my birthday! Going to miss seeing my parents on my birthday but hopefully all of my treats will make up for it…Dan if you’re reading take note.

I’m defiantly going to take loads of pictures of where I go and then put them on here.  Let me know if you’re going on holiday too as I’m incredibly nosey.



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