Lindos, Rhodes



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I touched down back home in England in the early hours of this morning after the best holiday I’ve been on yet. Most Brits choose Greece as their chosen destination and yeah I’ll admit, I fell into that category. Our package holiday was really cheap and I wasn’t expecting what I got. I stayed in Lindos Garden Hotel which was situated at the other side of the coastal road, about 10 minutes walk into the centre on Lindos.

The sea was amazing, especially in Haraki, a town which we visited as we hired a car for 3 days (fortunately they ran out of the crap cars that we payed for and got a fiat 500 cabriolet). We also travelled to Rhodes Town and Prassonissi which has a sand spit that separates the two seas.

Me and my boyfriend also stayed here during Lindos Rocks, so there was always some atmosphere when we went out at night. You could either have a mad one or a quiet one. If you’re thinking of visiting Lindos the food is AMAZING, the restaurants you should try are Stephanies, Ice Bar Restaurant and Acropolis.

Not going to lie. The thing that I enjoyed the most about this little village was all the cats, goats and donkeys that wantered aroud aimlessly

Have you ever been to Rhodes? Also If you’re going on holiday let me know because I’m nosey.



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