Tanning isn’t everything

This is a subject that really pisses me off…like…down to the core pisses me off. I had to make a post about it to see if anybody else feels the same way as I do.

I’m naturally really pale. Which is fine, I have no problem being pale. But somehow, I have no idea why, but being pale is seen as negative. There was a time when being black was negative, for entirely different reasons I know, but just as black people can’t make themselves get lighter, pale people can’t make themselves darker (without looking stupid anyway). I really do think that people should get over the fact that not everybody has the prefect closed pores, tight, tanned and toned skin. Can’t society understand that not everybody is their version on perfect?

I have no issue with other people fake tanning but it doesn’t suit me one bit. I look like an apple trying to be an orange, I’m not going to fool anyone. Same with make up like bronzing, I wasn’t made to suit a tan.

When I came back off holiday the first thing that my mum said to me was

oooh you look well, you don’t look pale and ill any more.

Cheers mum. So in order to look “healthy”, I’ve got to wear little sun protection, damage my DNA and possibly contract skin cancer.


There is no point in my tanning anyway, I’ve already been home 3 days and my skin tone is blotchy and I have two toned tits from wearing a bikini (come on ladies we all know they don’t look good).

Personally I like being pale. IMG_1035-BethanNicole



3 thoughts on “Tanning isn’t everything

  1. I’m with you here. It also takes a lot of work to get tan, time that could be spent doing something productive. How society views skin color, tone specifically, makes little sense to me.


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