Reflecting on my changes



Change is inevitable although most of us hate it. I’ve learnt to embrace change. Without it I’d be the more miserable, insecure version of myself I was a few years ago.

Personally I think more people should take the time to sit down and think of the many people they have been, and what sort of a person they are now. Come to think of it, most of us have changed from one sort of person to another, whether that be to turn vegetarian, quit drinking or have a child. Differences in our lives like these reflect on what sort of a person we are. For example, my mum used to be a daredevil, absolutely love roller coasters and stuff, but ever since having me, she can’t even go on a big wheel without shitting herself (not literally she isn’t that old).

I’m still pretty insecure and a miserable git (I’m British I’m allowed to be). Think of me as Chandler Bing. I’m an only child, very sarcastic, I use humour as a defence mechanism and ended up going out with one of my friends. However my dad is still the same gender. I’ve accepted that I’m that sort of person, I’m never going to be horrifically serious or not take the piss out of…well…everybody. In addition to these traits I’m also arrogant and up my own arse about the things I’m good at. However I have a caring and helpful personality, which I’m proud of, who doesn’t like to be nice?



Over the past few years I’ve taught myself not to let people boss me around, and not do something to please somebody else and not me. I used to be friends with some right bitches, who used to be “friends” with people but just bitch about them behind their backs, pretty sure (100% sure) they did the same to me too. But back then if you were friends with those people, you had to conform and therefore bitch a hell of a lot about the same people they were. What an idiot I was. Thank god those friendships are over now.

It’s surprising how many friends I’m left with now I’ve cut out all that negativity (not that many). Besides I don’t want 100s of friends, too much commitment.

I’m far less of a bitch then what I used to be, occasionally I’ll make a comment if someone has an annoying voice or a selfish attitude. Humans are pretty bitchy creatures when you think about it, don’t get why that term is named after dogs which are incredibly selfless and loyal.

As well as this,  I’m also far less shy a person than before. In lower school I’d keep myself to myself, but as I went through to sixth form I found myself becoming more vocal. Therefore encouraging others too as well (sorry not sorry Mrs Oakley). I still hate talking to people I don’t know because I have no idea what to talk about, not that I don’t want to start a conversation. I admire people who have this ability, perhaps some time I will be able to do it.

If anyone can think of some way that they have changed, please do share to fuel my nosiness.



7 thoughts on “Reflecting on my changes

  1. I’ve changed in a lot of ways, more good but some bad, I don’t take shit from people like I used to I was too soft with people, I guess I don’t love as hard as I used to, I focus on myself more than I ever have

    I’ve spent the last few weeks building and working on my confidence which has made my life better there’s a lot of changes to name but I’ve definitely grown!

    Your post is brilliant, always embrace change and just live, keep growing and life will reward you with so many beautiful things 🙂 xx


      • You’re welcome, and well any step is better than none, what part of confidence do you feel you need to build?

        That’s so true you just have to embrace it and it’s a part of growing up also, change is good, even when it feels like it sucks it can be a blessing in disguise haha

        It’s crazy but I had to have my heart broken for everything else to piece together, how crazy is that? Xx


      • Same, I had to have my heart broken too. Just body confidence like most girls, even though I’m not fat nor skinny. Society just gets me down xx


      • Awww I’m so sorry, it’s a horrible feeling :(, it’s taken and taking me so long to recover from mine it’s unreal, and bless you well society is messed up for things like that but I guarantee that you’re beautiful the way you are and accept you for you because there’ll be people out there who’d kill be look and be who you are and it’s true 🙂 some guy will also love and appreciate you for qualities not just on the outside but the inside too so keep smiling xx


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