Life is no fairytale

I like how the media is kind of starting to be more realistic.  Disney princess films are, for example Brave demonstrates how teenage girls can be knob heads to their mothers (and yeah I can relate to that, however I don’t need her to turn into a bear to respect her), and Frozen shows you that falling in love and getting married in one day…well…that just spells disaster.

Growing up with the media the way it was, my life recently has sort of clicked. By that I don’t mean I’ve gone to Tasmania and “found myself”, no no. I mean that I’ve come to the sudden realisation that media doesn’t reflect real life. Which is quite a difficult concept to accept as we learn almost everything nowadays through media. Whether that be via documentaries, books, YouTube DIYs/lifestyle/beauty gurus.

Recently famous blogger/vlogger Zoella explained that her vlogs are only a few minutes of her day, and these are edited and can be deleted if she so chooses. These also do not show her down days, after all, who would want to share their down days?

Media is starting to change, but I’m not exactly sure whether that is for the better or not. As a kid it made me happy to know that I was going to marry prince charming and live happily ever after. If I was eight and I knew that I’d probably get cheated on, taken advantage of or may not get a good career. I’m not sure whether I would accept it quickly and enjoy my life, or become depressed that my life may not be what I want it to be… and I don’t even know what I want it to be.  

I usually hate these sort of quotes, but this sums it up pretty well

Also every time I have a down day or a panic attack, I used to think that I was strange as I thought I was the only one who has them. Not only because the media doesn’t mention things like this, but we also aren’t taught about these things at home or at school…well I was at A Level Psychology, but not everybody does that. It’s refreshing to see that these topics are getting discussed more.

Dates is the most popular thing that is blown out of proportion. Films don’t really show you the aftermath of being with somebody for a long time, which usually involves becoming fed up with them, you notice little habits or theirs that just piss you off. And sometimes if the relationship ends, it ends horrendously. I’ve come to realise that sometimes men are useless, totally not like in the movies, and no I’m not talking about them not getting you your £1,000,000 necklace when they are £170 into their overdraft. I’m on about going shopping with my dad when he doesn’t go through the bread to find the one with the best date on it, heck, he doesn’t even know where the best before date is on the bread.

Do you like the new realism of the media, or do you prefer the classic fairytale style?


What did you think?

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