Help I’m a complainaholic

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I moan a lot. If you know me or did know me due to said trait, you will agree. Honestly most of the time I can’t help it, I’ve grown up going to my grandparents’ house and them constantly complaining about the weather, the economy, the next door neighbour making too much noise blah blah blah. People say to avoid thinking negatively, you cut the negative people out of your life. But come on. You can’t cut out your family (they aren’t as bad as I’m making out I promise).

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have cut out some people who were having a negative effect on my life, because of this I honestly feel so much better.  If you know someone who constantly bitches, gossips, complains, and is generally negative. Just get that shit of of your life.

I’m far from a negative person…it’s just the negativity that comes out of my mouth.

The difficult thing is (what most people will probably find really odd) that what I see someone who I know or meet someone new and I don’t know what to talk about, the first thing I do is complain about something. I don’t want to do this. But I can’t help it, it’s like a weird addiction of mine, but it’s also a fear. I get people pointing this trait out (including my mother) as if they think that I don’t know what I’m doing. When some moaning slips out I get scared that the person won’t want to speak to me again, they might think that all I do is complain.

Recently instead of just noticing the positives or looking at the brightside in my head, I’ve been saying it aloud. So whenever a stranger knocks into me and doesn’t apologise, I just say, “they were probably just having a bad day”. I’ve also come up with a saying I’m trying to live by:

Get over it, don’t complain and get on with your life.

In addition to this, if you also have the same habit as me (which I doubt) then try the same thing. Not going to lie I do find changing my personality difficult, but who doesn’t. I know people should love you for who you are, but I sure as hell don’t love complaining.

Also I’m kind of complaining about complaining, and I’m not going to complain about using the word complain too much. Gonna complain in a comment? Go for it.





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