June favourites

Many people, mostly beauty/fashion bloggers do their favourites at the end of every month. I love watching/reading them, so I thought I’d do my own but make it unique. I only capture my most favourite moments on Instagram, so I thought I’d separate them into weeks and share them with you all.

This is my first week which consisted with going out to a club with my boyfriend an his friends, my dad modelling some Ikea goods and OMG DOUBLE RAINBOW.

Week 2 was the best week I’ve had in a long time, me and Dan went to Lindos in Rhodes for a week and had an amazing time. Oh and it was also my birthday on the 14th of June too.

Week 3 consisted of going to a Chinese restaurant with my family, we had some yummy tea. Lots of duck feeding and country walks happened too.

Dan moved out of Sheffield on the 30th so I’ve been with him in Newcastle for a week (I go back home on money wahhh). Before he moved I got some Jack Wills goodies to cheer myself up, I may have spent a little too much. I also got some JW goodies for my birthday yayyy 🙂 I also love my crazy cat lady mug my pally Niamh got me. The cat in the picture isn’t mine it’s Dan’s freakishly big man cat Simba.



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