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I enjoy reading these sort of posts, not much text to read if I’m tired (I usually read blog posts in bed) and I get to download some tried and tested apps. I really do hate it when people include apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; because they’re a given.

I usually go through apps really quickly, download it, not use it, delete it. So these are the ones that I’ve kept for more than a week.

Oh and before you continue, all these apps are free and from the Apple App Store.

Printic is an app where you send them your photos from your phone and they turn them into beautiful Polaroids! They even come in a beautiful box. I also think that if you want to create a unique gift for a friend/relative/partner,their poster option would be awesome. As you can put lots of little images on one big poster.

Day One is a diary app, yeah if you’ve seen my diary post from when I was like 8 I swore to myself that I’d never embarrass myself like that again. But when you reach a certain age you stop writing about your crushes, and start writing about your actual day. With day one not only do you write about your day, you can also include a picture to sum up your day, your exact location, tag people and even the weather. If it’s your thing you can also share your post on Facebook and Twitter, but I just wanna do this for myself. Below is the post I did today.

Plundernaughts is a game, and a very addictive one. I prefer boy games, I guess I just like blowing things up (not real things obviously). With this game you have a spaceship and you visit planets to destroy the spaceships who have claimed them. You then get your money and move on and upgrade your ship and weapons, basically it’s being a space pirate. I’m not really doing it justice. Oh and the graphics are amazeballs (for an iPhone game anyway)


Pumpup is a workout app that I’ve used quite a bit. I have a gym membership but usually I can never be bothered to go. It tailors workouts for you and also has an instagrammy part to it.

PhotoGrid is an app in which you can edit photos and then them into collages. I use this for my blog posts, it’s simple an it works. What more do you want?




4 thoughts on “Top apps

  1. I like your explanations of these apps, simple and what people need to know. I actually use DayOne myself and know how great it is. Since you use Printic you might like a new app that will be coming out soon called Flag. It’s pretty much the same as Printic but it doesn’t cost anything to get your pictures printed and sent to you. In case you want to check it out: Great post πŸ™‚


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