Bored and Broke

It’s the summertime and my dream plans are always pictured spending time in the sun with friends, going shopping, going to the zoo, going on holiday, taking trips with my boyfriend etc.

However it hardly ever becomes into being, partly because all my friends are off doing stuff with there other friends, my boyfriend lives in another city, and I have no money. So all of my days are spent on the internet, wishing I could be doing something other than being on the internet.

However when my friends are free and I see them, the situation that we usually share is a financial one. So I thought I’d share a few things we sometimes do to pass time when we’re broke.

  1. Play board games – These are especially good if there’s a big group of people, and they can usually always be turned into drinking games!
  2. Have a film night/movie marathon – I remember when we tried to watch all the Harry Potter films in one sitting, we got there but it took A LONG time. Also we recently had a girly film night of watching Disney, Legally Blonde etc (much to my boyfriend’s amusement).
  3. Start a blog – Yeah I started blogging because I was bored.
  4. Start exercising – I started doing this and failed, but if you get into it then it can be great fun! Ages ago me and my friend started boxing, we had such a laugh.
  5. Build a fort – Yes I’m 19. Yes I still like to build forts.
  6.  Write a bucket list – I’ve found that this takes my mind off being bored, and I start dreaming about what I’m going to do when I actually have enough money to do things.
  7. Go freebie hunting on the internet – Because you never know when you’re going to need a bin freshener sample and some fish tank cleaner.  
  8. Facetime someone – Sometimes getting out the house to see someone can prove difficult, especially when you live in England and it’s raining 8/10 days a year.
  9. Play cards – Like bored games, I get competitive. The only card games I know though are shithead, bullshit, ring of fire and goldfish. That’s right, no actual card games.
  10. Go to the playground – You’re never too old to go on a swing, but go when it’s empty because children get miserable when you take their swings.

*pictures shown aren’t mine apart from number 3



3 thoughts on “Bored and Broke

  1. I do love a good list 🙂 Great suggestions!
    Number 2. I have seen all of those movies, my younger brothers LOVED Drop Dead Gorgeous – I would say when we were kids, but they are now 25 and 27 and still quote it to each other.
    Number 5. Holy crap that is the coolest fort I have ever seen and I desperately want one, I would read in it for always 🙂 (I am 30 and not ashamed 🙂 )
    Number 6: I had one of these and was crossing stuff off too, but I seem to have lost it. Oh well guess I could start again.
    Number 7. Freebies on the net? What is this about? Would they have if for Australia too??
    Number 9. Fave card game is BS! Best game ever 🙂


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