Anxiety and Depression (helpstopme)

This is a topic that I think needs to be brought up more. Most people keep beating themselves up and feeling low, and often don’t realise they’re suffering from depression. Helpstopme kindly gave me access to a 1 month course of there online depression treatment, this post will be telling you a bit about my background and how this treatment has helped me. This post is a little bit deeper and serious than my others, but hey ho.

Background Information.

Anxiety and/or depression is something I would never wish on anyone. Especially because it’s often difficult to treat. I’m not sure when I first started feeling depressed, but I know I had my first panic attack at 16, now being 19 I sort of know how my panic attacks work, therefore I’m aware of how to put myself at ease.

I’m not sure if it can be hereditary, but I know that a lot of people suffer from depression and anxiety in my family, therefore I was aware of some symptoms. I visited my GP when I was 16 and they were completely unhelpful, thinking that it was my contraceptive pill giving me anxiety and making me feel depressed, personally I think they judged me because of my age. If you have (social) anxiety you will understand how knocked back I was, I’ve never been back to my doctor about mental health. Not only because of diagnosis, but because I don’t want to be on pills. I want to alter my cognition/thought processes ( plus If your GP is anything like mine, getting referred somewhere else is like trying to get blood out of a rock). Hence why I’m happy with HelpStopMe, as they treat the cognition.

About HelpStopMe

This is their mission:

To help people with conditions that can be treated with Psychology, wherever they are. We will achieve this by providing them instant access to the very best treatment , online, at prices they can afford.

I do find that this company is extremely helpful who can’t afford therapy, or even for people who don’t feel very comfortable going out to see someone, e.g someone who has social anxiety.

HelpStopMe also aim to give back, to people around the world who need help, and don’t have any medication to help them with illnesses they may suffer from. They believe is it very important to give back.

The Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy I believe is better than taking pills, because it changes the way you think, and targets the cause, rather than masking your symptoms with with medication.

At the beginning you get a little test to do that tells you how depressed you are, or if you even are depressed. I thought this was useful because if you don’t know, it clears your head a bit.

It wasn’t until the first module of this therapy until I realised that I actually was depressed, it was helpful for someone to go over the symptoms. YES I was oversleeping, YES I was spending way too much time indoors and avoiding seeing my friends, YES, I was lacking in any motivation, YES I was thinking that I wasn’t good at anything (including blogging), YES I was feeling irritable, jealous and angry etc.

After the symptoms were described, the course goes on to describe where your depression may come from; like a situation that happened when you were little that made you feel vulnerable or a situation that’s happened in your life more recently.

I’ve gotten used to monitoring my moods and looking into what makes me feel happy or sad. For example, I feel happier in the evening than in the morning because I’m a “night owl”, where as if you’re an “early bird” you might feel happier in the morning. Knowing more about what makes me happy means I can do more of that and reduce how sad I am.


Overall I’d say this online therapy is great treatment for people who can’t necessarily afford to see an therapist face to face. You also know that you’re in safe hands on the website as all the people on the videos you watch are professionals in cognitive therapy. From this treatment I’ve learnt more about how my brain works, and how to start thinking in order to overcome habits, such as staying in bed too long or watching too much tv. I would really recommend it.


*images shown do not belong to me


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