How you know when to trust someone (the life changing rule)

I don’t trust many people. It probably comes from being BBFLs (naaaaaat) with a few bitches in school, who bleed gossip out of you dry and then blew it out of proportion as they projectile vomited it onto the whole school. You guys know the kind of people.

Therefore if you had a little crush on someone, you had to be in love with them. If you had sex with someone, you were probably pregnant and obviously then called a slut, etc etc.

However if you do the same to then you get exiled from the friendship group and called a bitch. Hypocritical I know.

Due to this I keep myself to myself, occasionally post bits of my ever so embarrassing life on here. But other than that, the only person who knows EVERYTHING (almost) about my life is my boyfriend “Hi Dan”. Another person who knows most things (usually the things my boyfriend doesn’t know) is my bestie “Hi Niamh”.

But this is the main part of this post, I have discovered how you know when you finally trust someone. No it’s not exchanging your “firsts”, no not when they (as far as you know of) haven’t lied to you, no it’s not when they propose marriage, and no it’s not when they catch you if you fall backwards on purpose (everyone does that at some point or another but I don’t really get why).

It’s when you don’t lock the bathroom door when you go to do your business.

Think about it. When you go over to someone’s house and you tell them you’re going to the toilet, you STILL lock the door. But when you’re with someone you trust,you don’t lock the door because you trust them to listen to you, and rest assure that they’re not going to walk in on you and take a picture for all of Facebook to see. 

Still lock the door when you’re in a perfectly happy marriage? You may want to get a divorce and/or a restraining order.

I should be a relationship guru or something.




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