Catcalling (Feminism pt 2)

I know I’ve already posted today, but I was halfway through watching a Youtube video about this topic when I thought “fuck yeah I should make a post about this”. I’ve already made a post about feminism, that was basically about how I don’t really like the choice of the word (how it is perceived by some people to be pro women/anti men rather than about equality). If you haven’t read it you can find it here.


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Of course it goes without saying that I’m a feminist, what kind of dim witted fool wouldn’t be? Oh yeah. Dickheads who catcall. I don’t know whether it’s called the same thing around the rest of the world, but catcalling just means someone who you don’t know making comments about your apprentice in a crude manner/wolf-whistling at you.

There’s one story that I remember that happened last year when I was catcalled, along with many this was the one that stands out. I was waiting at the bus stop near where I live to get the bus into town, to meet my friends and go to a nightclub. When I saw these two guys walking down the other side of the road, I obviously didn’t pay any attention to them at this point because I didn’t know them, I was just aware that they were there. I was on my phone texting my friend when I heard in a very deep “laddish” voice

*wolf whistle* girl you look fine. Who likes short shorts? I like short shorts

How it feels to be catcalled is quite difficult to explain. On one hand you want to react, shove up a finger and tell them to fuck off. But on the other hand you can’t because it makes you feel so vulnerable and dirty. But afterwards because you haven’t said anything, you get mad at yourself and think of all the things you should have said to those dirty pervs.

But this story isn’t over. If luck would have it, I saw these two guys in the smoking area of the nightclub, surrounded by my friends, I caught their eyes. Now, I have a little bit of a temper when I’m sober, and it goes through the roof when I’m drunk. I’m not going to act like I’m a goodie goodie because I’m not. You push me over when I’m not even in a mosh pit I WILL hunt you down. And I WILL punch you in the face. (Once I got a high five off a guy for throwing a good punch after doing that, then we became bestest drunken buddies). All of that stuff I was thinking of saying to those two boys (I can’t really call someone who catcalls a man) I could finally say. All of that rage that was inside me I could finally release. But before I could go up to them, they came up to me. And apologised. Yeah took me by surprise too. 

That’s just one time though, all the other time’s I’ve never had an apology, I’ve just been stuck with the rage and vulnerability.

Someone shouldn’t be allowed to make another person feel like that, nobody deserves to be catcalled for what they look like or what they are wearing. Anybody should be able to wear what they want regardless of their shape, size or sexuality; without being made to feel bad about it by snarly comments from a stranger. 

Oh and here’s a fucking fact for dicks who do this. It may come as a surprise to you, but making someone feel like that DOES NOT MAKE THEM WANT TO ENGAGE IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH YOU. 



9 thoughts on “Catcalling (Feminism pt 2)

  1. Ugh! Reading about your experience makes me cringe because some BOYS not men, have some nerve. What makes you think you can talk to a woman like that? SO gross! There are far better ways to say hi without going straight to commenting on your shorts.


  2. Unfortunately this is something that happens too often (without an apology). I’ve totally had that feeling where you want to scream at them but because of the vulnerability you feel you just sit there and try to look off somewhere else. Then as you reflect you get angry. Really fucking angry.

    I hope that at some point people will understand that it isn’t a compliment but instead rude as hell.

    Watch this.

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  3. Well said, BethanNicole! Most nice guys can’t comprehend how scummy being catcalled makes a woman feel, and most of the guys who would participate don’t give a damn how we feel. I’m pleasantly stunned that you received an apology from the guys in the bar. By the way, AnnMarie sent me here after you gave her the One Lovely Blog award, which she is sharing with me. – Fawn


    • Thanks! I was really surprised myself. They probably wanted to say sorry before any of my friends found out haha. Aw yay I’m glad you popped over to see my blog! I’ll be sure to check yours out 🙂


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