Home City Appreciation

There’s something about Sheffield, I don’t really know what it is. Perhaps it’s because it’s a relatively boring city, the only thing I used to like doing here (apart from go to bars and clubs at night) was go to the Ski Village…but then that got burnt down. So when we get a success, we go on and on about it. The steel industry died down agggeeesss ago but we still call it the “steel city”, everything gets milked.

Go into a local cafe and you’ll see Henderson’s Relish paintings and clocks hung up on the walls made out of knifes/forks/spoons (the steel bit coming into play). However, when I go to other cities things don’t seem to be shouted about as much…apart from Liverpool and The Beetles, and Manchester and Oasis. But I’ll get onto bands in a sec. If you’re not from the UK/you are from the UK and you’ve been living in a hole (not been to Sheffield) then Henderson’s Relish, or “Hendo’s” is a kind of dark tasty sauce you put on dishes like meat and potato pie, Sunday dinner, or cottage pie. I usually just add it to my gravy. It makes it taste like 10000000x better, but yes I am probably just saying that because I come from Sheffield. 

I would think that Sean Bean and the Arctic Monkeys are the people who are raved about the most. I’m not sure is Sean Bean is the same, but the Arctic Monkeys – or Alex Turner in particular – you could say has a bias towards his home town… in a good way. I went to Leeds Festival last week and the AM played on Sunday, and oh my gosh, words cannot describe how amazing they were (and of course they dedicated Old Yellow Bricks to Sheffield) I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting them to be good, because loads of people said that they weren’t good at T in the Park and Reading. But as soon as Alex walked on the stage and said “Yorkshire…I can tell we’re gonna have a reight good time”, I knew that it was going to be good. He was home, he knew people from Sheff were going the be there, he wanted to give those people a night to remember…also on the drums was 0114, another big up to their home city (Sheffield’s area code).


So yeah, If you wanted to know (obvs not) why I haven’t posted anything in a while it’s because I’ve been to Leeds Fest/ ill from Leeds Fest.

What I want to know is, is your city the same? Do you big up the successes from your home town, and support them 100%? Oh and also if you were at Leeds Festival too let me know what you thought of the AM.


What did you think?

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