University Homeware Haul – IKEA, BHS and More


Ahh homeware, I love it. I’m especially nosey when it comes to looking at other people’s stuff, so I thought I’d return the favour. Most of these items were bought with my own money, apart from the odd few items given to me from my parents and boyfriend. So I am not sponsored by any of these companies, I wish, I just spend a lot on homeware. Unlike many other people who go into university with a “theme” of how their room wants to be, I haven’t really done that with my room this year, I just got stuff that I likes the look of. I also find that a room that looks a little mismatched appears more homey. Apart from my bathroom things which have to be the same colour, so I chose orange (I’ll just point out that the bath mat I got from IKEA is sooo soft!). Below are three pictures showing a few things that I have bought; bedroom, bathroom (I have an en-suite) and kitchen. I might do another post for stationary but I’ll see. Enjoy, and comment if you’re off to university/college!    





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