Getting back into the swing of things.

I have basically been doing nothing since December. Sure I worked for a bit, fell in love (what a soppy git) and gained weight… all while spending way too much money.

If you don’t know I withdrew from my last university course in Manchester doing Geography, and I’m starting at university again next week in my home town Sheffield doing Environmental Science. Basically because I know the city and I can’t be bothered with moving really far again, but I am staying at halls as a feeble attempt at making friends. 

Going back to my studies is so daunting as I haven’t been taught anything in almost a year. So thinking about getting organised again really terrifies me! What if I’ve forgotten how to write an essay? I can’t concentrate? I lack motivation? Plus lets face it I’m going to have to learn how to Harvard reference again. It is so odd to think that I haven’t been without education this long since I was 4… 15 years ago!

Basically I’m looking to the blogging community for a bit of encouragement. Has anyone gone back to their studies? Please tell me that it wasn’t as hard as I think it’s going to be. 


What did you think?

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