Robot of Sherwood and Listen – Doctor Who Review

I have a lot to say about “Listen”.


I stand corrected about what I said in my last post. That was an amazing bit of writing by Moffat, mixed together with brilliant acting from Jenna-Louise Coleman and Perter Capaldi. Personally I hate scary stuff,  but somehow with Doctor Who I really enjoy it.

Moffat took the amazing “The Girl in the Fireplace” , and he captured the most terrifying bit of it and regenerated it into a new, different episode. The best bit of it being when the clockwork monster is under the bed, it gives me chills just thinking about it. I was probably 11 when I first saw that. Brave huh? Although I agree with what I said in my past review(s) that Moffat is recycling old stories and monsters, the recycling in this episode is done in a way that is fantastic.

To also capture something from dreams which everyone must have had at some stage. Although it never really scared me, as when I was younger I had way too much crap under my bed for anything to fit in, and my bed now touches the floor because it has draws under it. I love it when writers involve the viewer in that way, it becomes more chilling.

Did you squeal like an excited child when it was uncovered that The War Doctor planted the bomb in the barn where he slept as a child, because he was scared of the dark? I love a good twist.

I was glad that “The Promised Land” story arc wasn’t in this episode. However we have another creeping up on us with Mr Danny Pink, who seems to be Clara’s one and only love. As we’ve previously learnt from Moffat, women can’t live without men (she can’t have The Doctor now he’s old so better move onto a younger…human model). I like this storyline anyway, so I’m not going to murder it… although we’ve already had the grown up descendant with Amy Pond and River Song, sorry I just had to.

The only thing I have to pick at, was at the beginning of the episode. Perfect hider? Duh chameleon, perfectly adapted to its surroundings. You could also say Owls, Seahorses, Tigers, Spiders, Stick Insects, Stone Flounders or Snow Leopards. I think there could be a better way of introducing the ghost/monster/imagination into the show, or maybe I’m just being an awkward twat.

In addition to this review, the Chinese delivery man knocked (loudly) on my front door whilst I was about 15 minutes from the ending (when the ghost was knocking on the spaceship) I almost crapped myself. My dad has never laughed so much in his life, what a good father.

Now for a little review of “Robot of Sherwood”

I thought it was an amazing episode, best of the series so far…until I watched Listen. Now they’re both sort of even, but for different reasons. I like the kind of “I’ll take my companion where ever they want to go” sort of episodes. I thought Ben Miller was an interesting choice for the mayor, but he pulled it off non-the-less.The casting for Robin Hood was spot on! I couldn’t have imagined a better actor for the job.

It reminded me of the kind of “save the day hooray” episodes that we had a lot with David Tennent, and I liked that.

Mark Gatiss is my favourite writer for Doctor Who, I love his work. “The Idiot’s Lantern” is a particular favourite of his. It’s nice to have a break from Moffat’s sometimes awful, sometimes brilliant episodes.

What did you think? Let me know! 

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3 thoughts on “Robot of Sherwood and Listen – Doctor Who Review

  1. I thought the “Listen” Episode was amazing as well. I did gasp at the tie in of the barn. That is a good connection to make.

    You said that we already have prefect hiders in chameleons and the like. However, I think that the point is that they are *perfect* hiders. Meaning they are so perfect that you never know they are there. Chameleons are not perfect hiders because we know they exist. I think it is a great concept for sure. It’s a great thought experiment.

    It was a bit shocking to know that Clara would end up with Dan at the end. They are definitely setting up her exit in advance.

    I think the greatest part of this episode is that it leaves you uncertain if there really are creatures that are always there. The end of the episode Clara works in that it was all imagined by the doctor because Clara was the one who implanted the idea of the dream that everyone has and the fear of the dark by grabbing his foot when he was a kid (amazing scene when you realize that by the way) So in the end, you never know if there are prefect hides after all.

    The Robin Hood episode was a good one as well in my mind. It was never my favorite story but the play off the “splitting the arrow” scene was great. Also how the Doctor refused to believe that Robin Hood actually existed for most of the episode.

    However I had a few problems with it as well. In Doctor Who you have to suspend belief sometimes but I can’t believe that the single arrow was enough gold to give a power spike for the ship to get into orbit. That seemed a little far-fetched to me.

    I also didn’t really like that there were more robots that were using the humans. That seems to be getting a little old to me.

    Overall the two episode were enjoyable and I’m excited to see more 🙂


      • That’s true. The thing under the blanket could have been a friend but then you see the reflection in the glass. It’s very unusual. I have to think that they will reference that again in the future because a glimpse was shown so that it can be described more. I can only guess at what it will be 🙂


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