It’s ok to complain!

Hey guys, I’m so happy right now and I shall tell you why.

I recently took a trip to one of my banks that I’m with…lets call it Damtanbear. The reason I went was because my student overdraft decreased from £1500 to £50, obviously I was confused because nobody had contacted me about this change (it’s in the Ts and Cs that they don’t have to…sneaky sods). So I emailed them, a woman replied to me saying that nothing should have changed, and I was to go into branch with some photo ID and proof of being a student to sort it out.

So I did. Now if you have been reading my blog for a bit you’ll know that I have social anxiety, I hate talking to strangers (especially about bank stuff that I have no clue about) but I managed to pluck up the courage and speak to someone in branch. Only to get knocked back. This woman in branch did absolutely nothing to help me, she was rude and patronising; she looked at me like anything I said was stupid.

It’s horrible to have your confidence hurt like that, especially by a stranger who’s job is to help you. Not to be rude. So when I got home – after having a small panic attack on the bus ride from town – I wrote another email to Damtanbear about this new experience, and how upset I was. I also made sure to give them the name of the woman and what branch it was. I didn’t want this to happen to anyone else.

This happened two days ago, and literally half an hour ago I got a call from Damtanbear customer services. After all the security questions he apologised frequently, actually explained to me without the bank jargon why my overdraft had changed But the best part was he gave me £60 in compensation for my bad experience! This had cleared my overdraft, yay! Also they have contacted my branch to sort out the matter, and hopefully that woman will get a good telling off so it doesn’t happen again.

I urge everyone, if you have had a bad experience at a company tell them! You, the customer are what keeps companies running after all. Even if someone is having a bad day, it gives them no right to take it out on a customer and ruin their day.

I want to know if anyone else has been glad they’ve complained or have has a similar experience to me. Let me know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “It’s ok to complain!

  1. I actually haven’t had something that bad happen to me. I tend to sort it out with them while I’m there but if it was too bad I would do what you did and call the manager or someone higher up. It’s called customer service because they serve the customer and if they can’t do that then they should not have taken the job. Sorry the person was so rude to you, I hope it doesn’t happen again 🙂


    • Exactly, even if I feel rubbish at work I’m still nice to my customers. It really annoys me when people are rude. I’m glad to hear that you haven’t had that experience, I hope it stays that way! 🙂


  2. This is actually really inspiring – that you not only complained about this treatment, but also someone DID someting with it.

    I know that for me personally such a rude or hostile reception can ruin an entire day, if not a couple of them – I hate dealing with strangers, and situations like these only make it worse.

    Good for you that you complained!


      • Me too! exactly – when I worked this year, no matter if I felt like crap (or on crack), after 2 hours of sleep at 6am, I’d smile and be polite – it’s not their problemim grumpy/feel like shit.

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