Down it fresher – University 101

I mentioned that I’ve started university (again) in a previous post. But I think it’d be helpful to share my experiences and a few do(es)/don’t(s) with the internet.

I moved into my halls on Thursday the 18th and was instantly shocked with how different everyone in my flat was. Same with people on my course.

I’m a bit of a weirdo so I’ve been trying not to bombard people with my personality too quickly, I think easing people in is a good plan. But on the flip side, you’re not going to make many pals if all you do is constantly judge people.

Loads of people (including me) get really put down if they don’t meet their best friends in fresher’s week. Getting to know people takes time, and it’ll be so worth it when you make close friends.

5 tips for freshers:

  1. Those canvas bags you keep getting from club/fast food promo? Don’t throw them away, do keep them and use them for when you’re doing a food shop. Otherwise you’ll get bombarded with millions of plastic bags and be forced to throw them away.
  2. Do bring a printer with you! Especially is you have a fair distance to walk to the uni library. Printers are useful for printing off tickets for a club as well as essays and handouts.
  3. Don’t overwhelm yourself. University is going to come as a big change in lifestyle for you, especially if you’re moving city/country. So don’t think you can go to 18 hours worth of lectures, 7 clubs, 4 society meetings a week. All whilst getting 9 hours of shut eye each night. It’s not going to work.
  4. Do realise that not everyone at university will have the same experiences/come from the same cultures and you. Take advantage of this and ask questions, get to know people. You don’t have to have things in common with people to become friends.
  5. Do try and go out as much as possible during freshers to get to know people. If clubbing isn’t your thing, join people for pre-drinks or go to the pub. Don’t sit on your own in your room all the time..

At uni? Graduated from uni? Put forth some tips too, make a discussion out of it!


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