My University Room – Ft Blaze On Review

I love looking at other people’s university rooms. Literally all that I did before I moved to my halls of residence, was watch university room tours on YouTube. My room is nowhere near as perfect as some other people’s rooms (I’ll link some for inspiration at the end of this post). So I thought I would contribute to the on-line world of room snooping.


I apologize for my camera, It’s a bit broke and doesn’t work well in the dark anyway.




The kind of hall you have been allocated determines you’re life for the next year (well I think it does anyway). I go to Sheffield Hallam University. The accommodation here spreads across the city centre, the main choice with halls here is whether you want to be closer to your campus or closer to the clubs. Of course I chose closer to the clubs. I would much rather prefer to have less further to walk back at night from going out, then coming back to my flat from a lecture. So if you’re planning on going to university, you might want to take that into consideration.

After being in my halls for 3 weeks here are a few things that I think you’ll need that you probably haven’t already thought of:

  • A bin, even if you have one provided in your room. You will realise that you can never have too many waste-paper bins. Go crazy and get a separate one for recycling.
  • A realistic student cookbook. One of my pictures shows a couple of “student” cookbooks I own. One has many recipes that a student won’t cook ever. Including Chinese Leaf and Ginger soup… Correct my if I’m wrong but the average British student won’t have Chinese leaf and ginger in their cupboard. (The Quick and Easy Student’s Cookbook is the best)
  • Take a printer, you’ll be thankful that you did. Use it for scanning chapters of books into your laptop rather than printing them.

My room is provided by UNITE but allocated through the university. It is a single en-suite with plenty of desk and floor space (for accumulating many of my clothes and dirty plates #studentliving).


Of course I have a writing set, handwritten letters are the best


Beautiful Packaging in Blaze On orange!

The first thing I noticed when moving into my new room was that my room is very dark. There is only one light in the middle of my ceiling which barely lights up my whole room, the small space outside my en-suite where my door is contains no light at all, same with the space around my window and wardrobe. I was happy to get the opportunity to review some fairy lights (a student’s best friend) from Blaze On!

As you might have seen in a previous post, my boyfriend got my some fairy lights for my birthday which hang comfortably across my shelf above my desk. When I received these White Lantern Lights from Blaze On and noticed how much longer they were than my current set, I noticed that I had a lot more to play with. These lights now hang across my curtains and emit a soft, warm light. The Lanterns I would say are best for hanging like bunting rather than at the head or foot of your bed. If you are wanting to decorate your bed with fairy lights I’d suggest some nice, pretty Romantic Rose Lights. In university halls it’s quite hard to hang fairy lights when you aren’t allowed to damage the walls. So here are a few ways you can go about it:

  • Hook them onto either end of a curtain rail.
  • Hang them off a bookshelf (you could use your books to weigh the cable down).
  • Buy some hooks that don’t damage your walls, I wish I did this. But the idea has only just occurred to me. That way you can place them wherever you want. Provided it’s near a plug socket of course.
  • Place them around a mirror, it’ll be like you’re in a suave dressing room!

Here is a bit more detail about these beautiful lights and the company:

Made in the fields of Northern Thailand, all of the paper lights are made from the pulp of mature Mulberry trees. Being a fast growing plant, it is very sustainable to use them. So a huge pat on the back to Blaze On from an Environmental Science student! The lanterns are in assorted shapes as you can see, squares, circles and triangles. The lead is clear, which is brilliant as it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Unlike when people use Christmas lights, the lead for those are usually dark green.

blazeon5 blazeon7

Large Lantern - LED 20

University Room inspiration:


8 thoughts on “My University Room – Ft Blaze On Review

  1. Very, very cute!!!! I love your decor, Bethan!! I love your lantern lights and your bunny rabbit lamp. Oh, and your letter set for handwritten letters!! I’d love to write to you if that’s ok! =) I love snailmail! Happy decorating and enjoying your fab room!!


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