Confidence through Pictures

We all have those days when we look in the mirror and don’t like what we see. It’s perfectly normal, don’t listen to people with all these “how to get confident” blogs and YouTube channels, saying they love themselves and never doubt themselves. Because they’re lying… Either that or they aren’t human.

I’ve been thinking a lot on this topic for a while, mainly because I think gaining weight, even though I’ve been eating quite healthy recently. Also because I don’t know whether to keep my fringe or not, do I look better with it? Without it? Constant doubt.

You really want to know to make yourself feel better? Delete all the pictures where you think you don’t look your best, remove them from your Facebook timeline, or throw them away. My dad has this awful, dopey picture of me in Junior School that he has framed, and it reminds me of being bullied at school (mainly for how I looked, children are mean). If he took it down then I’d feel much better about myself.

A few months ago I was interviewed by The Guardian about voting and stuff, and the photographer Felicity McCabe and her assistant came to my house to take a picture of me. Of course I was hesitant, I had no idea what it was going to turn out like. Being a political article I had to look sort of serious, and all the people who she photographed had an item that they loved/ represented them. Being the crazy cat lady I am I chose my cat Lizzy. Even though Lizzy isn’t the best with strangers she managed to stay on my lap and have her picture taken.

After I was blinded my constant flashing of the camera it was a wrap. I had no idea what photo she was going to use, this was making me feel nervous. What if it was bad? The whole country was going to see it! (well all the people who read The Guardian Magazine anyway).

As it turned out I loved the picture! And I’m on the website which really make me feel proud of myself, out of all the people she took pictures of, she chose me!

So if you really want to feel good about yourself, all you need is a photo of yourself that makes you feel happy in your own skin.


What did you think?

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