October Glossybox 2014 – POP ART EDITION!

I was super excited for this box to come out! Not really for the products, but for the box itself. It didn’t disappoint! It’s currently hung up on my pin board, it looks cool don’t you think?

photo 1 (3)Now for the products! I was actually really impressed with the products this month. Which is annoying considering I’ve cancelled my subscription now 😦 (I’m way too poor to buy them now I’m a student with no job *cries*). I’ve also tried all these products, mini reviews yay!

photo 2 (3)

  • Nuxe – Creme Fraiche De Beaute Mask – We already got a spoiler for this product in out last box, I was so excited to try it as I love love love using masks! I’ve never used a mask like this before, it’s more like an intense 24hr moisturiser that you wash off after you use it, I must admit I was a little disappointed that it was more like a cream than a mask but it works really well! I put it on before I go to bed, so when I wake up I have really nice, clear looking skin. To be honest I could get away with not wearing foundation after using this, but I use it anyway (foundation is like my security blanket). You can use it around your eye area too which is appealing also! £19.50 for 50ml.
  • Etre Belle Cosmetics – Liplift Peel – I’m disappointed with this product. I use the Lush Bubblegum lipscrub and this doesn’t compare. It doesn’t taste nice, and considering it’s on your lips I would have thought it’d taste good. The grains are too fine to rub away any dead skin, I find that dead skin on the lips needs to be scrubbed away with coarser grains. Perhaps this would work better if I used a toothbrush. Way to expensive for what it is. (EU)12.95 for 15ml.
  • So Susan Cosmetics – Flutter Mascara – Can anyone remember the days when this brand was called Jelly Pong Pong? I remember the brand so vividly because all the packaging was really nice. When they re-branded their packaging got all boring and didn’t make me want to buy it, if it’s an expensive product I want expensive looking packaging! I feel like this mascara is like them making a comeback, it looks more sophisticated and way more appealing. I can’t review this very well, because when I used it it was sooo wet, the mascara went all over my face. So I think I’ll let it dry up or a few weeks and update you! £14.95 for 4ml.
  • Ciate London Paint Pot – Vernis a Ongles – No idea what the name of this colour means. But it’s a bright coral, pretty much exactly like Barry M’s cleverly named Nail Paint “Coral”. I love Ciate because they dry super fast, I do tend to find that some of their polishes apply sheer and some thicker, this applies true to colour and you only need 1/2 coats. This seems to be the only “Pop Art” thing in my box though.  £9 for 13.5ml.
  • Yves Rocher France Quelques Notes D’Amour – Finally a perfume sample in a real mini bottle! I always mentioned this in my reviews to Glossybox and they answered my prayers! However I do have an issue. That issue being there is no spray pump, is it so hard to fit a little spray pump? I spilt this over my hand opening it first time and wasted like a quarter of the product 😦 When I first smelt it I was a bit apprehensive as I like sweet scents, but this is on another level of sweet. The scent does “calm down” throughout the day though, and lasts all day long. I probably wouldn’t buy it but I’m still going to use it! £33 for 30ml.
  • Rimmel London – BB Cream Matte – The only other BB cream I’ve tried was a Loreal one, and it really put me off them. It was in “Light” but made me face look blotchy and orange (NOT a good look!). So I though all BB creams would be like that. I tried this the other day and was impressed, this shade is also in “Light” (bare in mind I’m very very pale) it was darker then I’d like it to be but it was fine. I wish BB creams were put out in other colours rather than “Light”, “Medium” and “Dark”. That or at least make them so they match the colour on my face better. This is a good sized sample too, I could probably get a week out of this. £6.99 for 30ml. 

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you thought of them 🙂

Beth xxx


3 thoughts on “October Glossybox 2014 – POP ART EDITION!

  1. I’ve tried the liplift peel and I thought the same. It did nothing to my lips. I also agree about the so susan mascara. U haven’t used it yet because it looked so wet.


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