Motivation? Where are you?

It seems like everyone has started going to the gym after the classic new year’s resolution of “I’m going to get fit and healthy”. Not going to lie, this is always my resolution too. It never happens.

Last year I did pretty well though, I started gymming from February until it went all downhill in June. Mainly because I couldn’t see or feel any improvement in myself, and also because my old gym cost a bomb!

However, I am joining my university gym tomorrow in hope that I’ll get fit and healthy. Now when it comes to preparing for such an occasion I am a pro! Got some new Nike leggings and a sports bra (that works!) a fitness DVD, brought all my gym gear from home to university, and I even got some almond milk to wash it all down with! I’m basically one of those people who starts assignments way before anyone else and is really organised, but when it comes to something which involves liquid immersing from various regions of my body during physical exercise… I’m not a fan.

I’ve never been the sort of person who enjoys exercise (especially running. I HATE running), and because of this I’m quite unfit. The progress of being unfit to (hopefully) reasonably fit terrifies me, I just want to be able to do it! It’s alright Nike telling me to “Just Do It” but I can’t; physically and mentally. My best time running on a….umm….running machine is 30 minutes. Which I thought was good until I realised I only just did over a mile.

I should probably get a personal trainer to kick my up the backside and make me do some exercise, considering I’m not capable of motivating myself.

Right so here I go, so my fitness journey starts here!… But at the end of the day, I like cheese too much to be healthy.



4 thoughts on “Motivation? Where are you?

  1. Oh I do love cheese. Sooo good! 🙂
    But, one has to try to be healthy also. Perhaps if the cheese were in a salad it would not count? 🙂
    I have to get myself moving, sooo unfit. I seriously need to do something about that!


  2. Good luck with your Journey! You know, sometimes it’s all about setting yourself up (like you said, you’ve got the gear, you’ve got the DVD, you’ve got the almond milk…you’re setting yourself up for success). I am a true believer of you look good, you feel good and you perform better. Make sure when you go to the gym you feel your best and that you are truly ready to put everything else from your mind and focus only on your body & physical improvement. If you’re interested, I wrote and created a 7 day motivation, productivity and inspiration booster that you can download & print out. I just finished it & I am happy to say I am feeling more motivated and organized in general. You can find it on our blog, here:

    Good luck! Xoxo, Sam.


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