My top 10 current obsessions!

I say current, but to be honest most of these obsessions are what I’ve been addicted to for a very long time. Some are more random than others, but who doesn’t love a bit of randomness in a blog post ey?

  1. Disney

My obsession with Disney has done nothing but grow with me. The Disney store is the most amazing shop on Earth and I wish I could purchase all of its goods! (I recently just bought a Little Mermaid mug). I love how you can watch one of their films and be entertained at whatever age… or so I think, I do have a child-mind after all. I also don’t have one favourite Disney film but I will list the ones I like: Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Oliver and Company, Lady and the Tramp, The Lion King, Aristocats, 101 Dalmatians (animation) and Mulan. Also just out of interest, did anybody else know that The Lion King is a take on Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”? I only found that out today. Also Oliver and Company is a take on Dickens’ “Oliver Twist”.


    2. Soft Toys

A rediscovered obsession. When I was little I had all my cuddly toys lined up along my bed against my wall, and before I went to sleep I used to play with them (I was so cute). But now I find that having something to cuddle in bed helps to reduce my anxiety, and I can’t argue with that!  Everyone had a favourite toy from their youth, what was yours? Mine is a TY black dog called “Blackie”, I was clearly so original with names when I was 2 years old.

3. Marvel 

In particular The Avengers. I especially love Captain America and Iron Man, not a fan of The Hulk I’ve got to say. Also if you know me, you know that I have a massive obsession with Clark Gregg/Phil Coulson which has come from watching Agent’s of Shield, follow his Instagram it’s funny! You’ll love it if you love marvel… Also check out Chloe Bennet. I’m also currently watching the new series Agent Carter (which I wish they aired in the UK), it’s very “girl power”, there should be more female roles in Marvel films/series I believe.

    4. Doctor Who

Typical British obsession. Must admit I think it is going a little downhill and becoming way too complicated. My favourite series is series 2 because it was just so laid back, David Tennent is also my favourite Doctor… and one of my all time favourite actors. I used to be way more enticed by it when I was around 12, my bedroom was coated with Doctor Who merch. Including: a themed Tardis clock, remote control Dalek, Doctor, Rose and K9 figurines.

    5. Murder Mysteries

This has been my grandparents’ doing. When I was younger I stayed at their house every Saturday and we watched murder myseries, their favourites being: Poirot (don’t know if I’ve spelt that right), Columbo and Midsummer Murders. My favourites are currently Death in Paradise (my favourite), Broadchurch series 1, DCI Banks and I also like Midsummer Murders. I love playing detective and trying to figure out who did it!

    6. Adaptation and Evolution (Ecology)

Going onto why I do my degree, I love watching ecology documentaries. It’s amazing how beings adapt to their surroundings, in amazing, unique ways. I recommend watching David Attenborough’s “Galapagos” documentary series, it’s very interesting. Encase you don’t know the Galapagos Islands are situated next to South America and they are different to one-an-other, and there are species that have adapted in different ways on the different islands.


    7. Cheese on Toast

All time food fave. It’s simply the best. Dairy will always be my main weight contributor. That is all.

    8. Animals…but not Insects

Leading on from my Ecology interest. I’ve been obsessed with animals since I was very small, I’m never going to be a “cat person” or a “dog person” because I love them both to bits! Wanna take me on a day out? Take me to the Zoo! When I was 11 my parents gave me a Christmas present to feed the penguins at the Zoo, this has probably been my most memorable and favourite present. My life goal is to visit Antarctica and see the masses of penguins there, but everyone else wants to do the same thing too. Tourism is unfortunately having a massive effect on Antarctica’s beautiful landscape.

    9. Warm Milk 

Another thing from when I was younger. Warm milk makes everything better, it is actually the cure for the common cold! I’ve also never understood people who dislike milk. I’ve drank so much of it I have insanely dense bones, which makes me heavier and also less prone to braking bones!

    10. Spy Films/Series

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I want to be a super spy! However this is very unrealistic as I’m quite unfit, crap at telling lies and life as a spy probably isn’t the same as it is in the movies. My favourites? Jonny English, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Skyfall, Spy Kids, Mission Impossible and Austin Powers! I also can’t wait to see the Kingsman, I’m going to see it next week 🙂



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