Game of Thrones. Can you not?

Just going to put this out there…I LOVE GAME OF THRONES!! However there are bits of the book (and therefore the TV series) which really annoy me.

1. Glamorising Rape and Prostitution 

sex sex sex.

GoT is basically porn at times. But what gets on my tits is when rape is talked about openly on the show as if it is just normal day-to-say living for them. That’s NOT a good message to be putting out there, because believe it or not, some people are absolutely stupid and will do anything a TV show says! Some people actually think soaps are real life events…yes those people exist.

Also I feel that all the sex doesn’t contribute to the story, personally I’d rather see more dragons.

2. The spelling of people’s names!! (maybe it’s just me)

This doesn’t go for every character, but more often than not in the book a character has a name I have never seen or heard of before. Therefore it sounds different in my head to how it is actually supposed to sound. Such as Jaqen, Myrcella, Pyat, Tyrion, and Ygritte. When epically confuses me when I watch it on TV cause I’ve got the pronunciation wayyyy off.

3. Accents.

Yeah sure Eddard Stark, Jon Snow, Robb Stark and Catelyn Stark have Yorkshire accents, or at least try; actually because Sean Bean can’t do any accent other than his own! But Arya and Sansa don’t sound northern at all is it just me? Personally I would have thought that is you give a house an accent, you stick to it! Perhaps this is more annoying for English viewers as apparently American’s cannot tell a northern/ southern accent apart.

Please let me know if any of the above annoy you too! And also tell me what you like/dislike about GoT.



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