Instagram editing apps tried and reviewed

Who really wants to pay for apps? Resounding “no” I’m guessing.

Lately I have been aiming to create a more aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed so I thought I’d download the latest “best” photo editing apps (according to the app store): PS Expess, Snapseed, Priime and Retrica.

I’ve put a yellow border to show you where the image ends, because I’ve used some white borders.

The original


Photoshop Express

PS Express

Ahh yes the famous Photoshop now free to use! (In a very verrrrrryyy limited app). That being said, this is my preferred app out of the four I tested. Firstly for the reason that it is easy to use, I’m not sure whether I speak for everyone or not, but I really cannot be bothered to learn the intricate ways of discovering how a new app works, and this layout is very much like that of Instagram but there are better filters, red eyes can be fixed (even though I never get them…is that weird? Am I some sort of inhuman??), and you can apply borders to images. Which seems to be what all the hip popular Instagrammers are doing.



Where do I begin to review Snapseed… well if you want a good free editor which is very difficult to use then be my guest. In order to alter brightness/contrast/saturation for example you have to pinch the screen to alter some invisible bar! This is probably Google trying to be edgy. You’ll understand if you’ve ever attempted to use this app.

It contains a lot of the same features as PS Express, but you are able to adjust your frame width which I like. It just depends on whether you are patient enough.


Retrica screenshot

I downloaded this because the app store seemed to be advertising it left, right and center. So I wanted to see what all the fuss is about.

Retrica is annoying. It takes great pictures via the app but has the logo at the bottom right hand corner (unless you install the payed version). Unlike most editing apps…on the free version it doesn’t allow you to save your own photographs you’ve edited on the app unless you spend £0.79 to get the full version, so I did what anyone would do. I took a screenshot. Take that Retrica!

If you’re mad about different filters then you should try this, but personally I hate this app.



Very basic app and easy to use. Most filters are locked on the free version but you are able to accomplish the basic tasks such as rotate, straighten, crop, adjust the brightness etc. Which is what you are able to do on Instagram anyway so I really don’t understand the purpose of this app. It also uses the term “structure” as part of the adjust options, which I don’t really understand and doesn’t seem to do anything.

Comment if you’ve tried these apps, what did you think? Are there any other free apps that I should try out?



3 thoughts on “Instagram editing apps tried and reviewed

  1. I have tried a couple of these, Photoshop and Snapseed, then I installed Pixlr and I haven’t used anything else since. There are a lot of options and a ton of filters and I think it’s pretty easy to use. If you try it out I’d like to know what you think of it compared to these other apps.

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