Jurassic World

This film! Oh gosh this film! It’s amazing, however a few people my age haven’t seen the past films so haven’t seen this one, to be honest you don’t have to watch the past films to understand it.

There isn’t really much to understand… bad dinosaur…stop bad dinosaur from killing everyone.

I’m just going to point out that the raptor/man bond between Chris Pratt (Owen) and his three dinos is so sweet, I cried over those raptors. If a film can make me cry at a CGI extinct animal then it must be worth a watch!

What I want to know is if any of you guys have seen it? Plus what’s better Jurassic World or Age of Ultron?

…I think I may have just out-nerded myself.



2 thoughts on “Jurassic World

  1. **Spoilers in this comment**
    I loved it! It was the first time I have braved the crowds to see a movie on opening weekend and it was totally worth it! I got so excited when the opening credits came up I was bouncing like a kid 🙂
    I loved the raptor story, when I saw the credits I was really hoping that’s where they were going with it and I wasn’t disappointed 🙂 Hubby and I were talking about it later and we realised that in every movie there is a raptor aspect, but they never seem to be the main focus of the movie, always a side story – I found that quite interesting. Chris Pratt I thought was awesome in this role and I liked that they had the original geneticist come back as a character, but I wasn’t too impressed that he was this films Dennis Nedry 😦
    I haven’t seen Ultron, we went to see it, but there were 30-ish 10year olds there to see it so we saw Mad Max instead haha I actually posted about it 🙂 But even without seeing it to be honest I think my allegiance will be with Jurassic World 🙂

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    • I braved the crowds too! But I enjoyed that it was a full cinema (probably because there were no kids there). Oh yeah there were a few nerdy kids at Age of Ultron, me and my boyfriend scowled at them quite a lot haha.

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