Don’t step on the bees please!

When you walk down your street or up the garden do you ever come across what seems to be a dead bee lying on the floor?

Big Bumblebee

These bees are not dying/dead! They are just tired! We know by now that we need to look after our bees more then ever, so please don’t stand on then or kick them aside if you think they’re dead.

How you can help

Helping an ecosystem is very rewarding, and if you are reading this post then I’m guessing that you want to help our yellow and black fuzzy friends. Firstly the easiest way is to not stand on them, they’ll have their rest on the floor and be on their way in time. But there is a way to help re-energise your sleepy bee, like the way you re-energise yourself!

A sugary drink (2tbsp of white sugar mixed with 1 tbsp water) for bees is great, pop this in a container and with a teaspoon feed the bee the solution.

You can also prevent your bees needing a rest by popping this solution in a small container (an eggcup is perfect) and standing it alongside some flowers, so a sugary drink is always available for them.

Bumble Bee

Share this post with your friends! The more of us that know these tips, the less endangered our bees will become 🙂



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