Behold! The Mooncup! – Review

Boys you might want to skip this post, unless you’re really interested in ways to keep your menstrual blood under control. Oh and also I’m not being paid to make his post, I genuinely love this product!

Selling the Mooncup

I purchased the Mooncup about three months ago, and to be honest I was a little scared by it, but after reading some reviews online and taking a peek at their website I thought I’d give it a go! Honestly, it isn’t that scary and it’s so comfy!

Only two sizes

It comes in two different sizes (you don’t have to use a measuring tape so don’t worry), size A is for women who are over 30 and/or have had a vaginal birth, size B is for women who are under 30 and haven’t had a vaginal birth. The difference between the size is only 3mm, which may not sound like much but it is crucial (according to the company).


The Mooncup has many benefits, health is probably the most appealing to most women. Tampons soak up all moisture where as the cup only collects the blood, this is because it sits much lower in your vagina than a tampon. This is good because it doesn’t dry you out, alter your pH levels, and allows all the natural cleaners to do their job.


I bought my cup from Boots for £21.99 which may sound expensive, but when you think about it, it is actually way cheaper then using tampons; for example say you change tampon five times a day and your period lasts you for four days (20 tampons), Tampax Pearl Compak 18 (my previous fave) costs £2.99 from boots. Over a year using the same tampons would cost £41.86! But a mooncup can last you for years!


One woman will use over 11,000 disposable sanitary products in a lifetime (stats from Mooncup) packaging, applicators and backing strips as well as the actual item will end up in landfill and the sea (who want’s to see that when you go for a swim in the Bahamas?). Less degrading material leads to less greenhouse gas emissions, so if there is a way to reduce waste why not?


Once the Mooncup is inserted after a couple of minutes it will find it’s own comfy spot and you won’t feel it at all! Which means it’s great for exercise! The suction created by the mooncup means that there is no leakage, so you can run, swim and gym without the stress of having red shorts.

There are many other benefits of the Mooncup, check out their website for more information 🙂



6 thoughts on “Behold! The Mooncup! – Review

    • To insert it you fold it (there’s two options shown in the packet) and to remove it you pinch the bottom and twist it out, it shouldn’t be messy but I always remove it over the toilet 🙂 after the first few times it gets easier


      • Oh okay and you just pour it out? Do you have to wash it between each use or anything like that? I’m thinking of how it would be in a public bathroom.


      • Yeah you just pour it down the toilet 🙂 for a public toilet you just wipe it with some toilet paper and rinse it with some bottled water. At home though you can wash it more thoroughly. I use Femfresh (don’t know whether you have that in the states or not) to clean it so it doesn’t alter the pH.

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