Feminism (part 3) : The thing about Magic Mike is…

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So, we can all agree that we are all in favour of treating everyone equally yes? Well how come if Magic Mike was actually called Magic Margaret… oh no I’m imagining a naked 70 year old woman… right it was actually called Magic Maria (total mind block of any female names starting with an M).

People would be SO pissed if men (or women, whatever floats your boat) were going to see a film about a group of female strippers. Correct me if I’m wrong but I have a feeling that it would be “wrong” to view a film about female strippers; I think the word “pervert” would be tossed around a lot.

To be honest I wouldn’t feel comfortable with my boyfriend going to see a film centred around really attractive and fit women, it would be really pressurising towards me to look like that. So why is it ok to put this pressure on men?

Let me know your opinions, are you going to watch this film?



One thought on “Feminism (part 3) : The thing about Magic Mike is…

  1. It is a wonderful world.. One of my mates is a male entertainer of the unclad variety, I have seen some of his shows and I am oft struck by the differences between male/female venues.. If a male treated a woman the way the women treat the males, security (used to be me lol) would hit the roof.. Extreme examples exist too, rape for instance, can a man be raped? Personally I say yes, but in reality socially it seems impossible.. Anyway, that is my 47 cents worth…


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