Hi I’m Bethan, I am 21 years old and creator of BethanNicole, I’m a lover of science and lifestyle blogging.

My degree that I am currently reading for is Environmental Science. I have a lot of opinions and information which I love to share with other people, I would love to hear your opinions too!

I created this blog in May 2014 and this is just the beginning! I love to write and I hope it improves and that you enjoy reading my posts.

Thank you for everyone who takes the time to subscribe, like and comment on my blog!



14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Bethan! I see you are a part of the Blogger Programme. I am looking to sign up for something like that but can’t decide which would be best. Have you had any good experiences with the Blogger Programme?


    • So far not too many as I’ve only been with them for a month, I’ve received a 15% discount off a website for complimenting it but that’s all. I’m also with Bloggers Required who I’ve been with for the same amount of time, I’m going to be sent a book to review with them 🙂


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