Glitter Litter

What a better way to add a bit of sparkly fun to the party season than to add some glittery goodness to your skin, face, hair and clothes. I am guilty of using glitter on recent occasions when going out on university society socials. However, after reading for my dissertation I have realised that it is damaging our environment so I am ditching the glitter, and I think you should too.

The U.K government has proposed to not sell products which contain microplastics. However, it is unknown when this law will be enforced. These microplastics which are manufactured to this size are commonly found in cosmetic products such as exfoliator and toothpaste, and often go by their other name of “microbeads”.

We know that microplastic pollution is bad for our planet, Europe produces 59 million tonnes of plastic each year but only 17.9 million tonnes of this is either recycled of used in energy recovery processes. Large pieces of plastic are easy to put into the recycling bin, but how are microplastics – which often aren’t even visible to the naked eye – to be disposed of effectively? Well, there isn’t a method which works 100% efficiently at doing this. Wastewater treatment plants have been found to not be effective at removing all microplastics, and there is no effective way currently of stopping stormwater from effecting our surface water systems. The latest up and coming fad of putting glitter on car tyres and in beards  *eye roll*, where is it expected to go when the rain hits then into our surface water?

So what are the negative effects of these contaminants entering our water systems? They can easily enter food webs starting from small organisms like phytoplankton and zooplankton, and make their way up food chains to large predators and humans. Some fish that you have eaten will have probably ingested microplastics at some point. This can cause physical harm as a result of the ingestion, and facilitate the transfer of chemicals to organisms such as oestrogen mimicking hormones.

So please ditch the microplastics. Save the planet.


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Living below the line

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m fundraising for ICS/Progressio. As part of it I am (currently) living below the line, on £1 worth of food a day, for 5 days.

I’ve been eating rice, beans, eggs, cheese toasties, and lots of apples. I am craving a bottle of wine and a greasy stuffed crust pizza smothered in garlic mayo so much. It’s only when I’m not allowed these indulgences that I want them even more, I’m not a huge fan of chocolate but I could devour a terry’s chocolate orange!

This is a big test of willpower too, I’m alone most of the day in a house full of food so I could easily slip off track. But so  far so good!

If you could, I would love it if you could sponsor me for doing this! (after all it is why I’m going through this) as much as you are able to give to the charity would be amazing! 

Bethan xxx

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A Student trying to stay Productive over Summer

It’s similar for a lot of people, we get excited for summer but by the time it comes around we’re stuck in the house bored out of our minds.

Right now I’m at the start of my summer and I’ve already done most of my plans! I’ve been on holiday with my boyfriend, I’ve seen my friends that I haven’t seen in ages, I’ve watched the summer blockbusters at the cinema, and as a result of these I am left with no money (well..minus money because I am now in my student overdraft).

Apart from trying to find a job, which is the obvious solution I find, I don’t need my mum nagging at me about how unemployed I am! Finding a job is hard especially when most of the jobs which are available sound mind numbingly boring!

So here is a list which a want to complete over the time that I’m not at university, it can also help you lovely readers too if you also find that you find yourself struggling for things to do over summer:

  1. Get a normal sleeping pattern sorted so most of the day isn’t wasted sleeping. Kitten, Cat, Feline, Pets, Animals
  2. Write a list of books you really want to read, and finally get round to reading them. Light, Lamp, Bedside Lamp, Illumination
  3. Write more! Whether it’s blogging, letter writing or fictional. Keeping up with writing skills will come in handy when the time comes to return to university.
  4. Workspace, Place Of Work, Work
  5. Get creative. Look on Pinterest! There is always a tonne of inspiration on there, whether it’s D.I.Y or making a card for your friend’s birthday. Pinterest, Facebook, Social Media, Media
  6. Exercise! It’s typical to find this on a to-do list. But now that my uni gym’s subscription is over and the gyms around me are way too expensive, I’m going to try and do some simple exercises at home. Stuck for ideas? Go to Cassy Ho’s Youtube, she is brilliant!  
  7. Spruce up your CV now while you have time. Taking time on this can really pay off, set it out nice and simple (oh and delete those other 20 old CVs on your laptop).
  8. Put your CV on LinkedIn, make yourself more vulnerable to opportunities you want! Road Sign, Town Sign, Success, Career
  9. Do some of that extra course reading now. Yeah it might not happen, but future me would be grateful.
  10. Make eating more fruit and veg a habit! Whether it’s a smoothie for breakfast or snacking on carrot sticks while you watch OITNB, this will give you more energy to do all this other stuff ^^^ Vegetables, Tomatoes, Delicious, Frisch
  11. A well deserved detox. Your body will be thankful when you run out of money, give your liver a breather from all that Glen’s vodka you’ve been giving it since last September.

What do you think? Do you guys have any other ideas how I can stay productive?


Win a custom Illustration !

Heyy everyone check out my friend Diana’s new competition!!


As you guys can tell, my blog got a major makeover! I reached my goal of 500+ followers three weeks early and wanted to give a huge thankyou to my new followers + my followers who have been there for me since day 1! What better way to thank you than to give you something that you can put on your blog? 

There will be 2 Winners! 

What You Get

1. A CUSTOM illustration of anything you want (In Black & White)

You can use this custom illustration to make a blog header (like I did), or to print out and keep up on your wall. It’s entirely up to you. You may not, however, use this to sell or as a commericial product. 

How to Enter (MANDATORY)

1. Follow My Blog If you haven’t already. Don’t have wordpress? Don’t worry! Follow me either through e-mail or through BLOGLOVIN’. Bloglovin’…

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