Feminism (part 3) : The thing about Magic Mike is…

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So, we can all agree that we are all in favour of treating everyone equally yes? Well how come if Magic Mike was actually called Magic Margaret… oh no I’m imagining a naked 70 year old woman… right it was actually called Magic Maria (total mind block of any female names starting with an M).

People would be SO pissed if men (or women, whatever floats your boat) were going to see a film about a group of female strippers. Correct me if I’m wrong but I have a feeling that it would be “wrong” to view a film about female strippers; I think the word “pervert” would be tossed around a lot.

To be honest I wouldn’t feel comfortable with my boyfriend going to see a film centred around really attractive and fit women, it would be really pressurising towards me to look like that. So why is it ok to put this pressure on men?

Let me know your opinions, are you going to watch this film?



5 kinds of annoying people at The Cinema!

What with being someone who likes to sit on her arse and watch films all day, and gets incredibly irritated by people in all sorts of ways; I thought I’d make this post dedicated to the five annoying people I find at the cinema. Who knows, maybe you’re one of them (please stop).

  1. The unnecessary and loud laughter one – This is really common when I go to the cinema because I love to watch comedy, but what I don’t want to hear is someone continually chuckling to themselves after the funny scene has passed and everyone else in the cinema has got over it. 10x worse if the person laughs really loud, 100x worse if they have an annoying laugh (think Jimmy Carr), 1000x worse if the person spits out their popcorn with laughter and they’re sat behind you.
  2. The one that mutterers – People who constantly ask the person that they’re with constantly about the plot of the film, but think that they aren’t distracting anybody else from the film but they really are! Just watch the film! You’ll find out the answers by watching the film!
  3. The classic group of teenagers – As a brand new 20 year old I feel like I can moan about teenagers as much as possible without it being at all hypocritical, when a group of 8 “youths” (why are they always in groups of 8?? Has anybody else noticed this?) sit down – usually in the seats in front of me – they check their phones all the time which results in a square bright blue-light imprinting it’s shape on the back of my retinas. Cheers guys. At least turn the brightness down of your phone. They pass the popcorn and sweets constantly down the isle asking “do you want some?” to one-an-other. JUST BUY YOUR OWN FOOD.
  4. The one with the small bladder/ with the massive appetite – This person always seems to be seated on my row. The people who have to squeeze past you to leave the cinema while they go take a crap or to get more nachos. Then you forget they’ve gone because it’s been 20 minutes (who wants to miss that much of a film?), and when they come back you can see the black silhouette imprinted on the screen of their overly-seized head…and their nachos!
  5. The “Shhhhhhh!” one – If there is one person more annoying than these ^^^ it’s the kind of person who always has to react to them; do they know going “shh” is also very annoying?


Film Bucket List

Films are amazing. If I knew how to make films I would, if I could star in films I would and if I was productive enough to write a film I would.

However I am rubbish when it comes to watching the “classics” that everyone raves on about. It’s only since going out with Dan (he’s a bit film obsessed) that I’ve seen Star Wars, Jurassic Park and The Matrix. I don’t really get Star Wars as much as I’d like to have done because Sci-Fi is one of my favourite genres, I’ll probably have to watch it again to understand it more. I loved Jurassic Park…’cause dinosaurs. I think we watched all three of them in a week. As for The Matrix I have no idea why I haven’t watched it before, I love it (again with the Sci-Fi, I’m such a massive nerd).

I’m trying to think of films that everyone rants on about that I haven’t seen. (Ok I may have only done this post so I can look at it and watch the films I’ve wrote down) This is the list, and if you want to recommend a film to me (please not horror I hate horror) then please do!:

  1. Titanic
  2. Dirty Dancing
  3. Star Wars Episodes 1 2 3 and 7
  4. Die Hard
  5. Forrest Gump
  6. Pulp Fiction
  7. Fight Club
  8. Spirited Away
  9. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  10. When Harry Met Sally
  11. Moulin Rouge!
  12. Pretty Woman
  13. Four Weddings and a Funeral
  14. Independence Day
  15. The Social Network
  16. A Clockwork Orange
  17. The Godfather
  18. Alien
  19. Shawshank Redemption
  20. E.T (I’ve seen the beginning and the end but not all of it)
  21. Ghost Busters (same as above)
  22. Star Trek
  23. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  24. Beverly Hills Cop
  25. The Mask of Zorro
  26. Casablanca
  27. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  28. Armageddon
  29. West Side Story
  30. It’s a Wonderful Life
  31. Hitchcock
  32. Roman Holiday
  33. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  34. Annie Hall
  35. The Darjeeling Limited
  36. The Green Mile
  37. Romeo and Juliet
  38. Ghost
  39. Notting Hill

So there we go, suggestions are welcome. Bare in mind I like Sci-Fi, Thrillers, Comedy and general 80s films like Ferris Bueller’s Day off, Beetlejuice, The Goonies stuff like that.

I’m going to go through this list and cross off as I go!