Are we Adulting yet?

The term “adulting” now tends to pop up a lot in the dark dark world of the internet (possibly due to this tumblr/blog/book), it seems like all the social media savvy are around my age use this word. What scares me the most of all is that I’m certainly not adulting!…at least I don’t think I am… If you call watching Comedy Central re-runs of Friends on a Monday afternoon whist ignoring the existence of university being productive, I don’t think I’m quite there yet.

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I’ve just entered my final year of university, at the end of my final freshers week I couldn’t help but feel that all the university fun will soon be over. I’ll begin the trauma of writing a dissertation (once I think of a topic and a question) and working towards modules that will actually count towards my final mark! But the aspect that I am most concerned about is finishing and going into the real world…or not going into the real world and instead doing a masters.

What do I want to do a job in? Dunno

What do I want to do a masters in? Dunno

If I didn’t know any better then I would be shit*ing myself for the future. However, I know for a fact that most 20 something and 30 something year olds don’t have a clue what they’re doing either, and just winging it. In fact my uncle is 50 odd and he told me that he still doesn’t know wants to be when he grows up.

I know that I am perfectly capable of living on my own…because I have. I know how to cook and generally keep myself alive. What I do not know is how taxes work, how a mortgage or loan works, how to buy a house, and how to change a light bulb (amongst many other tasks). So I am proposing that someone who is business savvy and knows how to do adult things, starts an Adulting course – preferably online – and of course for free. Or the government could actually propose that schools teach life skills, rather than trig.

If you’re reading this then let me know, do you know what you want to be when you grow up?



How you know when to trust someone (the life changing rule)

I don’t trust many people. It probably comes from being BBFLs (naaaaaat) with a few bitches in school, who bleed gossip out of you dry and then blew it out of proportion as they projectile vomited it onto the whole school. You guys know the kind of people.

Therefore if you had a little crush on someone, you had to be in love with them. If you had sex with someone, you were probably pregnant and obviously then called a slut, etc etc.

However if you do the same to then you get exiled from the friendship group and called a bitch. Hypocritical I know.

Due to this I keep myself to myself, occasionally post bits of my ever so embarrassing life on here. But other than that, the only person who knows EVERYTHING (almost) about my life is my boyfriend “Hi Dan”. Another person who knows most things (usually the things my boyfriend doesn’t know) is my bestie “Hi Niamh”.

But this is the main part of this post, I have discovered how you know when you finally trust someone. No it’s not exchanging your “firsts”, no not when they (as far as you know of) haven’t lied to you, no it’s not when they propose marriage, and no it’s not when they catch you if you fall backwards on purpose (everyone does that at some point or another but I don’t really get why).

It’s when you don’t lock the bathroom door when you go to do your business.

Think about it. When you go over to someone’s house and you tell them you’re going to the toilet, you STILL lock the door. But when you’re with someone you trust,you don’t lock the door because you trust them to listen to you, and rest assure that they’re not going to walk in on you and take a picture for all of Facebook to see. 

Still lock the door when you’re in a perfectly happy marriage? You may want to get a divorce and/or a restraining order.

I should be a relationship guru or something.



My unusual train experience

It’s unusual how talking to strangers on public transport has become something of a rarity. I’m guilty of this, I find it awkward making conversation with somebody talking to me, I don’t know them, I have no idea what to say! Plus you’re going to be with them on the bus/tram/train/plane for another hour, what happens if you say something insulting by accident? You can’t just leave. Therefore it’s way simpler to put in some earphones and listen to some music.

this post isn’t about this film, I just thought this picture looked cool and old.


On Monday I was travelling back to Sheffield from Newcastle, a man joined me and this girl with her head in a book about medicine, as you can imagine we were already having a thrilling conversation. I don’t know why but if you have a table seat on a train people always try and talk to you. Anyway, because I’m ignorant at the idea of talking to strangers, and I was also upset because I left my boyfriend in Newcastle, I did my usual I can fall asleep anywhere apart from in my own bed trick. Until that annoying voice-over thing came on and screeched to the coach that we were at Doncaster (about 15 mins away from my stop). 

Before I go on, this guy was about 75, loved to go out to clubs and I could hardly understand his accent. Oh and he also had 5 sugars in half a cup of coffee and liked Kit-Kats.

I’m good at reading people, I always have been, however I wouldn’t say it’s a good trait as I see people’s flaws in their personality more. I could tell that this man was eager for conversation, he’d already tried talking to medicine girl (who can I just point out spent 5 minutes eating a banana, how is that even possible?). When we stopped at Doncaster he asked me where my stop was…so I answered. We continued talking for a while, about how he used to work in Sheffield and how he was going to Portsmouth. He then talked about being from Sweden, and how 95% of people there are alcoholics (his statistic, not mine).

A guy came on the train who was wearing earphones, he sat next to medicine-banana girl, opposite party-animal-prone-to-a-kitkat man. He continued to set up his iPad, after the man sat next to me had an unsuccessful attempt of talking to the new arrival. 

After this attempt, he talked to me about how he found it incredibly boring that nobody socialises any more, he explained that he likes to learn things about people and have fun. 

People just shove things in their ears and block out anybody who tries to communicate with them

He’s right. It is sad how nobody talks to one-an-other, but I guess that’s how society is nowadays. 

The funniest thing about my encounter with party-animal-prone-to-a-kitkat man, was that he asked me if I was going out that night (which I was), his response was “yay good for you! Where about are you going and what is it like?”. After explaining to him about this dingy nightclub I was going to. He asked me a question – wait for it – he asked me what the rules of beer pong were. Just to reiterate, this dude looked in his mid 70s. When I explained to him what it was, he burst out laughing “you English people sure do know how to get drunk and have fun”.

I hope I’m as awesome as party-animal-prone-to-a-kitkat man when I’m in my 70s. 



June favourites

Many people, mostly beauty/fashion bloggers do their favourites at the end of every month. I love watching/reading them, so I thought I’d do my own but make it unique. I only capture my most favourite moments on Instagram, so I thought I’d separate them into weeks and share them with you all.

This is my first week which consisted with going out to a club with my boyfriend an his friends, my dad modelling some Ikea goods and OMG DOUBLE RAINBOW.

Week 2 was the best week I’ve had in a long time, me and Dan went to Lindos in Rhodes for a week and had an amazing time. Oh and it was also my birthday on the 14th of June too.

Week 3 consisted of going to a Chinese restaurant with my family, we had some yummy tea. Lots of duck feeding and country walks happened too.

Dan moved out of Sheffield on the 30th so I’ve been with him in Newcastle for a week (I go back home on money wahhh). Before he moved I got some Jack Wills goodies to cheer myself up, I may have spent a little too much. I also got some JW goodies for my birthday yayyy 🙂 I also love my crazy cat lady mug my pally Niamh got me. The cat in the picture isn’t mine it’s Dan’s freakishly big man cat Simba.


Life is no fairytale

I like how the media is kind of starting to be more realistic.  Disney princess films are, for example Brave demonstrates how teenage girls can be knob heads to their mothers (and yeah I can relate to that, however I don’t need her to turn into a bear to respect her), and Frozen shows you that falling in love and getting married in one day…well…that just spells disaster.

Growing up with the media the way it was, my life recently has sort of clicked. By that I don’t mean I’ve gone to Tasmania and “found myself”, no no. I mean that I’ve come to the sudden realisation that media doesn’t reflect real life. Which is quite a difficult concept to accept as we learn almost everything nowadays through media. Whether that be via documentaries, books, YouTube DIYs/lifestyle/beauty gurus.

Recently famous blogger/vlogger Zoella explained that her vlogs are only a few minutes of her day, and these are edited and can be deleted if she so chooses. These also do not show her down days, after all, who would want to share their down days?

Media is starting to change, but I’m not exactly sure whether that is for the better or not. As a kid it made me happy to know that I was going to marry prince charming and live happily ever after. If I was eight and I knew that I’d probably get cheated on, taken advantage of or may not get a good career. I’m not sure whether I would accept it quickly and enjoy my life, or become depressed that my life may not be what I want it to be… and I don’t even know what I want it to be.  

I usually hate these sort of quotes, but this sums it up pretty well

Also every time I have a down day or a panic attack, I used to think that I was strange as I thought I was the only one who has them. Not only because the media doesn’t mention things like this, but we also aren’t taught about these things at home or at school…well I was at A Level Psychology, but not everybody does that. It’s refreshing to see that these topics are getting discussed more.

Dates is the most popular thing that is blown out of proportion. Films don’t really show you the aftermath of being with somebody for a long time, which usually involves becoming fed up with them, you notice little habits or theirs that just piss you off. And sometimes if the relationship ends, it ends horrendously. I’ve come to realise that sometimes men are useless, totally not like in the movies, and no I’m not talking about them not getting you your £1,000,000 necklace when they are £170 into their overdraft. I’m on about going shopping with my dad when he doesn’t go through the bread to find the one with the best date on it, heck, he doesn’t even know where the best before date is on the bread.

Do you like the new realism of the media, or do you prefer the classic fairytale style?