Are we Adulting yet?

The term “adulting” now tends to pop up a lot in the dark dark world of the internet (possibly due to this tumblr/blog/book), it seems like all the social media savvy are around my age use this word. What scares me the most of all is that I’m certainly not adulting!…at least I don’t think I am… If you call watching Comedy Central re-runs of Friends on a Monday afternoon whist ignoring the existence of university being productive, I don’t think I’m quite there yet.

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I’ve just entered my final year of university, at the end of my final freshers week I couldn’t help but feel that all the university fun will soon be over. I’ll begin the trauma of writing a dissertation (once I think of a topic and a question) and working towards modules that will actually count towards my final mark! But the aspect that I am most concerned about is finishing and going into the real world…or not going into the real world and instead doing a masters.

What do I want to do a job in? Dunno

What do I want to do a masters in? Dunno

If I didn’t know any better then I would be shit*ing myself for the future. However, I know for a fact that most 20 something and 30 something year olds don’t have a clue what they’re doing either, and just winging it. In fact my uncle is 50 odd and he told me that he still doesn’t know wants to be when he grows up.

I know that I am perfectly capable of living on my own…because I have. I know how to cook and generally keep myself alive. What I do not know is how taxes work, how a mortgage or loan works, how to buy a house, and how to change a light bulb (amongst many other tasks). So I am proposing that someone who is business savvy and knows how to do adult things, starts an Adulting course – preferably online – and of course for free. Or the government could actually propose that schools teach life skills, rather than trig.

If you’re reading this then let me know, do you know what you want to be when you grow up?



Reflecting on my changes



Change is inevitable although most of us hate it. I’ve learnt to embrace change. Without it I’d be the more miserable, insecure version of myself I was a few years ago.

Personally I think more people should take the time to sit down and think of the many people they have been, and what sort of a person they are now. Come to think of it, most of us have changed from one sort of person to another, whether that be to turn vegetarian, quit drinking or have a child. Differences in our lives like these reflect on what sort of a person we are. For example, my mum used to be a daredevil, absolutely love roller coasters and stuff, but ever since having me, she can’t even go on a big wheel without shitting herself (not literally she isn’t that old).

I’m still pretty insecure and a miserable git (I’m British I’m allowed to be). Think of me as Chandler Bing. I’m an only child, very sarcastic, I use humour as a defence mechanism and ended up going out with one of my friends. However my dad is still the same gender. I’ve accepted that I’m that sort of person, I’m never going to be horrifically serious or not take the piss out of…well…everybody. In addition to these traits I’m also arrogant and up my own arse about the things I’m good at. However I have a caring and helpful personality, which I’m proud of, who doesn’t like to be nice?



Over the past few years I’ve taught myself not to let people boss me around, and not do something to please somebody else and not me. I used to be friends with some right bitches, who used to be “friends” with people but just bitch about them behind their backs, pretty sure (100% sure) they did the same to me too. But back then if you were friends with those people, you had to conform and therefore bitch a hell of a lot about the same people they were. What an idiot I was. Thank god those friendships are over now.

It’s surprising how many friends I’m left with now I’ve cut out all that negativity (not that many). Besides I don’t want 100s of friends, too much commitment.

I’m far less of a bitch then what I used to be, occasionally I’ll make a comment if someone has an annoying voice or a selfish attitude. Humans are pretty bitchy creatures when you think about it, don’t get why that term is named after dogs which are incredibly selfless and loyal.

As well as this,  I’m also far less shy a person than before. In lower school I’d keep myself to myself, but as I went through to sixth form I found myself becoming more vocal. Therefore encouraging others too as well (sorry not sorry Mrs Oakley). I still hate talking to people I don’t know because I have no idea what to talk about, not that I don’t want to start a conversation. I admire people who have this ability, perhaps some time I will be able to do it.

If anyone can think of some way that they have changed, please do share to fuel my nosiness.


Pizza, Pugs and #ForeverAlone

I’m presuming if you’re reading this that you have Twitter. The main outlet for quirky teenagers, who are actually pretty much all the same.

I have to stop myself from following people with no personal interests. Nowadays when young people see something that hasn’t really been done before, everyone seems to do it. One person off YouTube says they like pugs. Then all of a sudden daddys are buying their darling princesses snorting fat dogs, that look like they’ve had their face smashed in with a shovel…but yet even I cannot resist the temptation of these gormless looking creatures. Then before you know it Primark are selling pug cushions and doorstops.


I work for Pizza Hut, if people ask for a “joke in their box” i’ll give them the sad truth 😥

Pizza is something else all 15 year olds love and feel the need to post it in their Twitter bio. In addition to numerous Tweets that go along the lines of

Totes just ordered a Dominos all to myself, wish I had someone to share it with #ForeverAlone


Not only is it confusing that they say this and then complain about not having a thigh gap. It baffles me how people so young make a statement thinking that they will be single forever. Not only is desperation unattractive to the opposite sex, decreasing the chance of finding that special someone. I recently read Grace Cassidy’s post on this issue. Relationships are so publicised in the media that people feel like it’s the norm to have one, that without having a boy/girlfriend you’re missing out on something. But there is plenty of time for all that.


14 year olds crave someone for a made up holiday with no real meaning.

Maybe if they had their own interests and hobbies, rather than copying everyone else’s. Perhaps they wouldn’t be #ForeverAlone?.. #JustSaying.



School wasn’t too bad…I guess

I learnt a lot from school and sixth form, from school I mainly wanted to fizzle into the background and just talk to my friends. But in sixth form I got quite…opinionated.

Bullying is a problem for certain people, it was for me when I was younger, but I just ignored it and got on with my life and it soon stopped. I’m way better off than them now anyway, success in life is sweeter revenge then trying to retaliate with words of physical violence.

But if you aren’t being bullied, you have good grades and friends…why complain about it?

I keep seeing teenager’s tweets complaining about how bad school is, especially on a Sunday night usually saying “as if I have to go to school tomorrow eugh :(” I must say, I fell into this category, but probably only during years 5-8 (year 4 and under seems to have been repressed out of my memory) as I grew up I realised that school was the only place where I’d see my friends every day, and who doesn’t want to see there friends every day? Looking back it was so fun.


Learning wouldn’t be learning if it wasn’t for your friends drawing pictures and writing notes that only you understand on your work.


Sixth form charity week was great as we got to dress up for 3 days based on a certain theme. This theme was Disney (as you can probably tell)


We got to go on great school trips, this one was the Lake District next to a tarn


This trip was to Iceland, the most expensive trip I’ve been on but it was the most fun ever. This was taken on a glacier

Sure you had to work and stuff but being taught at school is way better than being taught at university; where the lecturers don’t really care and you have to do EVERYTHING yourself.

So if you’re at school don’t say you hate it all the time, because you’ll miss it when it’s over. You’ll miss it when you’re on your unplanned gap year working for Pizza Hut. I sure do.