Are we Adulting yet?

The term “adulting” now tends to pop up a lot in the dark dark world of the internet (possibly due to this tumblr/blog/book), it seems like all the social media savvy are around my age use this word. What scares me the most of all is that I’m certainly not adulting!…at least I don’t think I am… If you call watching Comedy Central re-runs of Friends on a Monday afternoon whist ignoring the existence of university being productive, I don’t think I’m quite there yet.

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I’ve just entered my final year of university, at the end of my final freshers week I couldn’t help but feel that all the university fun will soon be over. I’ll begin the trauma of writing a dissertation (once I think of a topic and a question) and working towards modules that will actually count towards my final mark! But the aspect that I am most concerned about is finishing and going into the real world…or not going into the real world and instead doing a masters.

What do I want to do a job in? Dunno

What do I want to do a masters in? Dunno

If I didn’t know any better then I would be shit*ing myself for the future. However, I know for a fact that most 20 something and 30 something year olds don’t have a clue what they’re doing either, and just winging it. In fact my uncle is 50 odd and he told me that he still doesn’t know wants to be when he grows up.

I know that I am perfectly capable of living on my own…because I have. I know how to cook and generally keep myself alive. What I do not know is how taxes work, how a mortgage or loan works, how to buy a house, and how to change a light bulb (amongst many other tasks). So I am proposing that someone who is business savvy and knows how to do adult things, starts an Adulting course – preferably online – and of course for free. Or the government could actually propose that schools teach life skills, rather than trig.

If you’re reading this then let me know, do you know what you want to be when you grow up?



The Book is Always Better

A while ago I saw the promo for “Zoo” coming to Sky1, the advert looked like something I was interesting and when I saw that it was based on the novel I jumped at the chance to purchase it.

Written by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge, I was really surprised that I’ve never heard of it, although I’m not “on the scene” when it comes to books, this genre is right up my street. Without giving too much away it’s about this guy called Jackson Oz who is crazy about animal behaviour and ecology (like me), and it’s about his story discovering what is causing this environmental disaster making animals all over the world – apart from humans – go absolutely crazy.

After reading about a quarter of the book I thought I would watch the first episode of the TV adaptation.

It was shite.

It was nothing like the book, they changed aspects that didn’t need to be changed! The main point that was changed is the general context of the characters, their past and present were totally re-vamped, the only thing which remained the same about Oz was his name.

I know that it is based on the novel but honestly it was ruined for me. I’m unsure of how the TV series concluded – or even whether it is still running – because I only got to episode 2 (so please correct me if it gets better).

After now finishing the book (it takes me months to read books because I only tend to read on public transport) I thoroughly recommend it, I love James Patterson books anyway but this was a refreshing change to his usual thriller.


*images not my own, my book doesn’t look very photogenic

Preventing Plastic Pollution.

We have a tendency to ignore what we can’t see, even if it surrounds us and influences our lives on a daily basis.  It seems that we get carbon dioxide/monoxide/methane pollution awareness flying at us from left, right and centre. The same with those images with penguins with plastic six pack rings around their necks; “aww no little penguin I’ll save you by not throwing my rubbish into the sea“…  Well yes that is a good plan, especially if you live next to an open body of water, however people who this doesn’t apply to (like me) tend to ignore marine pollution and think it doesn’t apply to them.

There is more than one way of plastics entering the marine environment. Plastic bags are a good example, they are light and catch the wind easily; if a breeze catches your plastic bag and it doesn’t end up caught in a tree, it is highly likely for it to end up in a water system. Rubbish gets transported around a lot, moved from place to place providing it with a lot of opportunities to flee from the peril of the rubbish truck.

But what could I possibly do to prevent this?” I hear you all desperately shouting at your screen. I personally use my old plastic bags to put rubbish in, or alternatively to add more weight to the polyethylene death trap you can tie it into a knot. Ta Dah! Your 5 years as a scout/girl guide has finally paid off and you can save the world!

One thing we are yet to learn prevent is what happens when the plastic has entered the marine environment and begins to degrade. You may have heard about microplastics before, you may not have, but they are so so frustrating. Plastics can degrade for many many years, therefore it’s a problem for many many years, microplastics are not visible to the naked human eye, and are therefore not really mentioned much. These can then be ingested by marine wildlife and emit some nasty chemicals, which aren’t beneficial to any species.

To prevent this there isn’t really much you can do, perhaps unless you’re a boffin with stacks of dosh. But there is one thing you can do! As mentioned microplastics are a result of degrading plastic, but they can also enter the water system immediately from the use of exfoliators. Some brands such as Neutrogena, Clean and Clear and Clearasil pride themselves with cosmetic products which contain “microbeads”, this is just another word for microplastic. With others you have to look at the back of the packaging, if you see a “poly….” word don’t use it, plastic shouldn’t be in an exfoliant. Instead use something natural like sugar or salt!

Any thoughts? Please let me know below.



I’ve noticed a lot of mixed reviews on Madonna’s new music video. To be honest I really want to know who her plastic surgeon is because she is looking guuurrrddd…that assuming she has had work done…which is highly likely.

Viewers of the video are exclaiming how she isn’t acting her age, like she is trying too hard to be young. Who the hell doesn’t want to feel young?! She will still feel 21 in her brain  instead of 56, so why shouldn’t she portray herself like the way she has done?

I presume she was thinking “I can make whatever crap I can because I’m Madonna, look at this crappy repetitive song I’ve made with Nicki Minaj in it. I can do that because I’m Madonna. I’m making tonnes of money off shit”. My opinion is that she has just created this song as a piss take to rub it in people’s faces. However if this song is serious then I don’t know what to think, if it is serious then Madonna has gone seriously downhill.


Catcalling (Feminism pt 2)

I know I’ve already posted today, but I was halfway through watching a Youtube video about this topic when I thought “fuck yeah I should make a post about this”. I’ve already made a post about feminism, that was basically about how I don’t really like the choice of the word (how it is perceived by some people to be pro women/anti men rather than about equality). If you haven’t read it you can find it here.


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Of course it goes without saying that I’m a feminist, what kind of dim witted fool wouldn’t be? Oh yeah. Dickheads who catcall. I don’t know whether it’s called the same thing around the rest of the world, but catcalling just means someone who you don’t know making comments about your apprentice in a crude manner/wolf-whistling at you.

There’s one story that I remember that happened last year when I was catcalled, along with many this was the one that stands out. I was waiting at the bus stop near where I live to get the bus into town, to meet my friends and go to a nightclub. When I saw these two guys walking down the other side of the road, I obviously didn’t pay any attention to them at this point because I didn’t know them, I was just aware that they were there. I was on my phone texting my friend when I heard in a very deep “laddish” voice

*wolf whistle* girl you look fine. Who likes short shorts? I like short shorts

How it feels to be catcalled is quite difficult to explain. On one hand you want to react, shove up a finger and tell them to fuck off. But on the other hand you can’t because it makes you feel so vulnerable and dirty. But afterwards because you haven’t said anything, you get mad at yourself and think of all the things you should have said to those dirty pervs.

But this story isn’t over. If luck would have it, I saw these two guys in the smoking area of the nightclub, surrounded by my friends, I caught their eyes. Now, I have a little bit of a temper when I’m sober, and it goes through the roof when I’m drunk. I’m not going to act like I’m a goodie goodie because I’m not. You push me over when I’m not even in a mosh pit I WILL hunt you down. And I WILL punch you in the face. (Once I got a high five off a guy for throwing a good punch after doing that, then we became bestest drunken buddies). All of that stuff I was thinking of saying to those two boys (I can’t really call someone who catcalls a man) I could finally say. All of that rage that was inside me I could finally release. But before I could go up to them, they came up to me. And apologised. Yeah took me by surprise too. 

That’s just one time though, all the other time’s I’ve never had an apology, I’ve just been stuck with the rage and vulnerability.

Someone shouldn’t be allowed to make another person feel like that, nobody deserves to be catcalled for what they look like or what they are wearing. Anybody should be able to wear what they want regardless of their shape, size or sexuality; without being made to feel bad about it by snarly comments from a stranger. 

Oh and here’s a fucking fact for dicks who do this. It may come as a surprise to you, but making someone feel like that DOES NOT MAKE THEM WANT TO ENGAGE IN SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH YOU. 


My unusual train experience

It’s unusual how talking to strangers on public transport has become something of a rarity. I’m guilty of this, I find it awkward making conversation with somebody talking to me, I don’t know them, I have no idea what to say! Plus you’re going to be with them on the bus/tram/train/plane for another hour, what happens if you say something insulting by accident? You can’t just leave. Therefore it’s way simpler to put in some earphones and listen to some music.

this post isn’t about this film, I just thought this picture looked cool and old.


On Monday I was travelling back to Sheffield from Newcastle, a man joined me and this girl with her head in a book about medicine, as you can imagine we were already having a thrilling conversation. I don’t know why but if you have a table seat on a train people always try and talk to you. Anyway, because I’m ignorant at the idea of talking to strangers, and I was also upset because I left my boyfriend in Newcastle, I did my usual I can fall asleep anywhere apart from in my own bed trick. Until that annoying voice-over thing came on and screeched to the coach that we were at Doncaster (about 15 mins away from my stop). 

Before I go on, this guy was about 75, loved to go out to clubs and I could hardly understand his accent. Oh and he also had 5 sugars in half a cup of coffee and liked Kit-Kats.

I’m good at reading people, I always have been, however I wouldn’t say it’s a good trait as I see people’s flaws in their personality more. I could tell that this man was eager for conversation, he’d already tried talking to medicine girl (who can I just point out spent 5 minutes eating a banana, how is that even possible?). When we stopped at Doncaster he asked me where my stop was…so I answered. We continued talking for a while, about how he used to work in Sheffield and how he was going to Portsmouth. He then talked about being from Sweden, and how 95% of people there are alcoholics (his statistic, not mine).

A guy came on the train who was wearing earphones, he sat next to medicine-banana girl, opposite party-animal-prone-to-a-kitkat man. He continued to set up his iPad, after the man sat next to me had an unsuccessful attempt of talking to the new arrival. 

After this attempt, he talked to me about how he found it incredibly boring that nobody socialises any more, he explained that he likes to learn things about people and have fun. 

People just shove things in their ears and block out anybody who tries to communicate with them

He’s right. It is sad how nobody talks to one-an-other, but I guess that’s how society is nowadays. 

The funniest thing about my encounter with party-animal-prone-to-a-kitkat man, was that he asked me if I was going out that night (which I was), his response was “yay good for you! Where about are you going and what is it like?”. After explaining to him about this dingy nightclub I was going to. He asked me a question – wait for it – he asked me what the rules of beer pong were. Just to reiterate, this dude looked in his mid 70s. When I explained to him what it was, he burst out laughing “you English people sure do know how to get drunk and have fun”.

I hope I’m as awesome as party-animal-prone-to-a-kitkat man when I’m in my 70s.