5 kinds of annoying people at The Cinema!

What with being someone who likes to sit on her arse and watch films all day, and gets incredibly irritated by people in all sorts of ways; I thought I’d make this post dedicated to the five annoying people I find at the cinema. Who knows, maybe you’re one of them (please stop).

  1. The unnecessary and loud laughter one – This is really common when I go to the cinema because I love to watch comedy, but what I don’t want to hear is someone continually chuckling to themselves after the funny scene has passed and everyone else in the cinema has got over it. 10x worse if the person laughs really loud, 100x worse if they have an annoying laugh (think Jimmy Carr), 1000x worse if the person spits out their popcorn with laughter and they’re sat behind you.
  2. The one that mutterers – People who constantly ask the person that they’re with constantly about the plot of the film, but think that they aren’t distracting anybody else from the film but they really are! Just watch the film! You’ll find out the answers by watching the film!
  3. The classic group of teenagers – As a brand new 20 year old I feel like I can moan about teenagers as much as possible without it being at all hypocritical, when a group of 8 “youths” (why are they always in groups of 8?? Has anybody else noticed this?) sit down – usually in the seats in front of me – they check their phones all the time which results in a square bright blue-light imprinting it’s shape on the back of my retinas. Cheers guys. At least turn the brightness down of your phone. They pass the popcorn and sweets constantly down the isle asking “do you want some?” to one-an-other. JUST BUY YOUR OWN FOOD.
  4. The one with the small bladder/ with the massive appetite – This person always seems to be seated on my row. The people who have to squeeze past you to leave the cinema while they go take a crap or to get more nachos. Then you forget they’ve gone because it’s been 20 minutes (who wants to miss that much of a film?), and when they come back you can see the black silhouette imprinted on the screen of their overly-seized head…and their nachos!
  5. The “Shhhhhhh!” one – If there is one person more annoying than these ^^^ it’s the kind of person who always has to react to them; do they know going “shh” is also very annoying?