Is nuclear the way forward?

The United Kingdom’s sources of electricity are said to be20% reliant on atomic energy. Nuclear power has been all over the news during the past year, but is this the best direction to take for “cleaner” energy?

Nuclear energy works by using uranium as a natural heat source, an element which cannot be created, there is only so much of it on the planet. I have read various articles about how long this supply of uranium will last, an article from Scientific American states that at current rates the uranium on this planet will last us for 230 years. However, (that article was published in 2009 by the way) as the consumption rate of uranium and demand for nuclear energy increases, the amount of uranium will decrease quicker. This is not the definition of a sustainable source of energy, in fact, it is the opposite!

The new Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in the UK will be up and running by 2023. The cost has risen from the original plans by £23 billion, it is now said it will cost £37 billion… That’s a hell of a lot of money to buy something when you don’t know how much it will last.

If the decisions were up to me, I would use the money to implement renewable energy using a tidal energy source. This is because the energy source is predictable; unlike solar or wind. Plus the UK is an island so there is plenty of coastal areas to put power stations. I thoroughly believe that all countries should harness their geographical location to their advantage (another example could be China using geothermal heat to conduct electricity instead of coal).

Any other opinions? I would love to hear them.

Bethan Nicole.

(Illustration of Hinkley Point C nuclear station. Photograph: EDF Energy/PA)


Getting back into the swing of things.

I have basically been doing nothing since December. Sure I worked for a bit, fell in love (what a soppy git) and gained weight… all while spending way too much money.

If you don’t know I withdrew from my last university course in Manchester doing Geography, and I’m starting at university again next week in my home town Sheffield doing Environmental Science. Basically because I know the city and I can’t be bothered with moving really far again, but I am staying at halls as a feeble attempt at making friends. 

Going back to my studies is so daunting as I haven’t been taught anything in almost a year. So thinking about getting organised again really terrifies me! What if I’ve forgotten how to write an essay? I can’t concentrate? I lack motivation? Plus lets face it I’m going to have to learn how to Harvard reference again. It is so odd to think that I haven’t been without education this long since I was 4… 15 years ago!

Basically I’m looking to the blogging community for a bit of encouragement. Has anyone gone back to their studies? Please tell me that it wasn’t as hard as I think it’s going to be. 

The British Tag

So I’ve seen this tag floating around YouTube (Just watched LillieLoves) so I thought, sod it’ll i’ll do a YouTube tag on a blog post, because I’m awkward like that.

Also if you’re British and You’re reading this – or even if you’re not British and you fancy doing it – then answer these questions do and link me to your post! I think tags are a great way of getting to know fellow bloggers 🙂 

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?

2-3 and no sugars, gosh, sugar in tea is vile! I don’t get how people can drink it.

2. Favourite part of your roast?

Yorkshire Puddings hands down, but none of this frozen crap, gotta make them from scratch.

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?

Hobnob because it has been proven to be the best for dunking. Rich tea’s are by far the worst for their dunkability.

4. Favourite quintessentially British pastime?

Eating a scone with clotted cream and jam in a garden centre.

5. Favourite word?

I have many favourite British words. Spiffing (really good), Mardy (grumpy, but this is regional dialect from Sheffield) and Chuffing (also really good). For a nation of moaners and groaners we sure do have a lot of words for “good”.

6. Cockney rhyme slang?


Apples and pears – Stairs, Dog and bone – Phone, Bakers dozen – cousin, Dicky bird – word, Jam jar – car, Raspberry tart – fart. 

7. Favourite sweet?

Pear drops, hands down.

8. What would your pub be called?

“The Fox and the Hound”, because I love that Disney film. Or “Goodhead” because it’s my last name, and my last name comes from pub owners, as in a “good head” on a pint.

9. No.1 British person ?

Kate Middleton obviously! Oh and Sean Bean! #dontkillseanbean….and Alex Turner….and Ed Sheeran, Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch. 

10. Favourite shop / restaurant ?

Topshop/ Jack Wills for shops. Nandos/Wahaca (I used to love Chiquitos, but when I went to Wahaca it was like 100000000x better, if you love mexican food you have to check it out)

11. What British song pops into your head?


The national anthem haha even though I have no idea what the words are past “God save our gracious queen”. But in a club the songs that usually get the most response are anything by the Arctic Monkeys.

12. Marmite.

Yes. Cheese on toast with marmite is so sexy.

20 signs you’re in the north

So I come from the north of England, and I never make lists on my blog, like, ever. So I thought It’d be a nice thing to do. If you come from the north (I come from Sheffield) you can probably relate to these points, also feel free to comment and add your own. If you come from outside of England then you can get a feel of what it’s like.

download (5)

1. You know whether you have peas, gravy or curry sauce on your chips. This option will probably stick with you for the rest of your life.

download (1)

2. Everyone goes on about people in the north have conversations with strangers on buses, but we hardly ever do.

3. If you don’t thank the bus driver it’s probably because they didn’t accept your student card, or they went very slowly and made you late. Otherwise it’s compulsory to thank them for not killing you.

4. When you go to London you realise nobody has any spacial awareness, it pisses you off when nobody says sorry for bumping into you.

5. You think you have a “proper” accent (for your city) until you go to university or to the south when you realise nobody has a clue what you’re on about. “What’s a chucky egg?” “Oh my gosh did you actually just call me a duck?!”

6.. Gravy is a food group.

7. If you live in Sheffield like me, you’ve probably got nice legs from walking up all the hills. Also when others complain about walking up them, you call them a pussy.

8. Pie is a food group.

download (2)

9. You are really proud of where you come from, it becomes a religion to you.

10. T-shirt weather is 10 degrees Celsius.


11. You have had disputes over where the north starts and where the south begins. Also if you’re from the midlands, you’re seen as a nobody.


12. The further up north you go the nicer people get… until you get to Glasgow.

13. You can take your drink better than southerners…amateurs

14. You can also go on a night out with £15.

15. You’ve been to the countryside so much it bores the shit out of you..

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16. You probably have an old miner’s lamp somewhere in the house, you’re parents are probably saving it encase they become desired and expensive.

images (2)

17. After you’ve been abroad you crave a slice of Parkin and a “proper” cup of tea.

images (3)

18. When you were younger you went on holiday/day trips to Scarborough/Skegness/Whitby. Also probably made your dad win you something on the grabber machines which cost 20p a pop, oh and who doesn’t love 2p slot machines?!

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19. It goes Breakfast, Dinner, Tea. ‘Nuff said.

20. You probably call someone you don’t like “pal” and someone who you do like a “dickhead”


*none of these images are mine, I thank Google images for them